Never Good Enough

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Do you have impossible to please parents? Find out here.

  • 1
    Today you had a test at school. Math. Ugh. You studied hard for it although you majorly suck at it. Got your grade got a C. Not bad you think. How do your parents react?
    They go ballistic unless I get straight As.
    They just shrug their shoulders and blow it off. They don't really care about my grades.
    They tell me it was a nice improvement.
  • 2
    You are washing dishes. You are done finally and go to play some games. Your parent calls you into the kitchen. It's about the dishes. What do they say?
    They show me a fork with a tiny speck on it and rant and rave about that while ignoring all the other clean dishes.
    They thank me for a good job helping.
    They just ask me what I want for supper.
  • 3
    You are at a family gathering. You let out a huge belch by accident and immediately excuse yourself. What happens next?
    My parent glares at me and gives me a lecture on manners in front of everyone. So embarrassing!
    Everyone ignores me. It's not a big deal in our family.
    They say, "You're excused." and leave it at that.
  • 4
    You are dusting the living room and place that ugly cow statue on the left side of the shelf instead of the right side.
    Your parents first reaction?
    They thank me for cleaning the living room.
    There is none. They have no idea I cleaned. They don't pay attention to anything.
    They are immediately pissed that I moved the cow to the LEFT side when it should be on the RIGHT side and proceed to let me in on how vindictive I was to do that.
  • 5
    Do you ever wonder why you bother to do things?
    Nope. It makes me feel good to help.
    No one notices.
    Constantly. What's the point?
  • 6
    Your parent wants you to mop the floors, but you make it too soapy by accident.
    No worries they have no clue. They are too busy watching reruns of the Dick Clark Show.
    They tell me they appreciate the effort and ask me nicely to use less soap.
    They yank the mop out of my hand and say, "I'll f*ckin do it myself!" and start yelling at me about how dangerous it is to have it so soapy and how Uncle Bert is going to break his hip trying to walk across it and how I am wasting money and.....
  • 7
    You are trying out your cooking skills. Chicken! What are the comments?
    They tell me it's a bit too salty but otherwise thank me for what I did.
    They instantly comment about how it is way too salty and how would I feel if they had added THAT much salt to my chicken.
  • 8
    You fold towels different from your parents. Is that a big deal?
    Not really they are just grateful for the help.
    Yes and it has to be exactly lined up and the fold faces outside.
    No. Usually we just shove them in the cupboard.
  • 9
    You are cleaning snow off the car for your parents.
    Not that they will notice or care.
    They thank me and make sure all is clear before leaving.
    Yes, but they got mad at me cause I missed a spot which could cause a severe accident.
  • 10
    Honestly what do you think of your parents? (Might want to make sure they aren't around before you answer.)
    I think they are great.
    I wish they would appreciate what I do instead of always b*tching about things.
    I just wish they notice me more.

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