Which Clan are YOU in?

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Are you in ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, or SkyClan?

  • 1
    A cat from a rival Clan is drowning on your territory! What do you do?
    Jump in and save them
    Try to help them, probably throw something they can hold on to
    Try to help them, maybe leap onto a rock or something.....
    Well I don't wanna get my paws wet, but maybe I'll toss them something....
    What in the name of StarClan is that mouse-brained cat doing on MY territory!
  • 2
    There is a war going on between the clans, and you are in a tree that you can't get out of while fighting. What happens?
    Gaaack! I'm gonna die!
    I'll be ok, we've trained for this
    Why am in a tree?
    I probably brought the other cat up here....
    This cat is gonna die!
  • 3
    Still in the war, this time you're fighting in the water and you can't get out. What happens?
    WHY AM I IN THE WATER? Stuff like this keeps happening....
    Quick, try to get out!
    I wish I was still in that tree.....
    This mouse-brained cat thinks they can win well I'll show them
  • 4
    At a gathering ShadowClan accuses ThunderClan of stealing prey. You are doing/saying...
    Watching while licking paws
    Staying out of it
    Looking around wondering what will happen
  • 5
    You find feathers and traces of blood on your territory but there is no scent to say what clan stole prey, you
    Double patrols, if it happens again mention it at gathering and say you won't tolerate prey-stealing.
    Double patrols but don't dare to bring it up at gathering
    Why are there feathers on my territory?
    Steal prey from whatever clan you share a border with
    Bring it up at the next gathering and double patrols
  • 6
    You are on patrol when you spot a patrol from another clan on your territory. What do you?
    Question them, if they don't have good reason fight
    Ask to talk it out
    Attack them, they should not be here
    What are you doing on my territory?
    Ask what they are doing, if they are hunting tell them not to do it again. If it happens again, fight.
  • 7
    You got pushed into the lake! What do you do?
    Find a rock or something to leap on/off of
    Go fishing!
    Ummm, drown?
    Try to move legs to swim
    Curse at the cat that pushed you in then try to get out
  • 8
    Almost done! Where do you prefer to be? This one is super obvious.
    Under a canopy of trees
    Up high in a tree
    Lurking in the shadows
    On the open moor
  • 9
    You fall from a tree! What happens?
    Why am I in a tree?
    Wee! This is fun! *lands perfectly* again!
    Ugh try to land, duh!
    I twist around and stumble but probably ok or just twisted my leg(Cinderheart)
    Fail to twist around and injure yourself
  • 10
    I really can't think of another question so what did you think?
    It was very neat(me: thanks)
    Thanks!(me: your welcome!)
    Thank you! Wait is that ShadowClan coming? RUN!(me: seriously?)
    It was good, time to go now.(me: ok)
    It was stupid.*(me: hostile much?)

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