CH. 31

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  • 1
    Which of these is not a type of epitheal tissue?
    Stratified squamous
    Simple cuboidal
    All of these are
  • 2
    Tendons and Ligaments
    All of these are correct
    Are associated with bones
    Contain collagen
    Are found in vertebrates
    Are dense fibrous connective tissue
  • 3
    Which tissue has cells in lacunae?
    Smooth muscle
    Epithelial tissue
    Both cartilage and bone
  • 4
    Cardiac muscle is
    Many fibers fused together
    Both striated and involuntary
  • 5
    Which component of blood fights infection?
    White blood cells
    Hydrogen ions
    Red blood cells
  • 6
    Which of these body systems contribute to homeostasis?
    Immune and cardiovascular
    Nervous and endocrine
    Respiratory and nervous
    Digestive and urinary
  • 7
    In a negative feedback mechanism
    A regulatory center communicates with other body parts
    There is self regulation
    There is fluctuation above and below the average
    The output cancels the input
  • 8
    When a human is cold, the superficial blood vessels:
    Constrict and sweat glands are active
    Dilate and sweat glands are inactive
    Constrict and the sweat glands are inactive
    Dilate and the sweat glands are active
    Contract so that shivering occurs
  • 9
    Function of the skin?
    Collection of sensory input
    Protection from pathogens
    Temperature regulation
    Manufacture vitamin D
  • 10
    Which is an example of negative feedback?
    All of these
    Insulin decreases blood sugar levels after meals
    Heat rate increases when blood pressure drops
    Air conditioning switches of when room temperature lowers
  • 11
    Which correctly describes a layer of the skin?
    The dermis is a region of connective tissue that contains sensory receptors, nerve endings, and blood vessels
    The subcutaneous layers lies between the epidermis and the dermis
    The skin has a special layer still unnamed
    The epidermis is a simple squamos
  • 12
    The _____ separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity?
    Pleural membrane

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