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  • 1
    Which pair is mismatched?
    Insects-excrete uric acid
    Fishes-excrete ammonia
    Humans-excrete urea
    All are correct
    Birds-excrete ammonia
  • 2
    One advantage of excretion of urea instead of uric acid is that urea
    Is not a toxic substance
    Can be concentrated to a greater extent
    Requires no water to excrete
    Requires less energy than uric acid to produce
    Is a larger molecule
  • 3
    Freshwater bony fishes maintain water balance by
    Excreting salt across gills
    Excreting waste in the form of uric acid
    Excreting a hypotonic urine
    Periodically drinking small amounts of water
    Both salt and hypotonic urine
  • 4
    Animals in which o these are most likely to excrete a semisolid nitrogenous gas
    Flame cells
    Malpighian tubuoles
  • 5
    Excretion of a hypertonic urine in humans is associated best with
    The proximal convoluted tubule
    The loop of nephron
    Collecting ducts
    The glomerular capsule
    Both the loop of nephron and the collecting duct
  • 6
    ADH causes an individual to excrete
    Less salt
    Less water
    More water
    Both less salt and more water
  • 7
    Which causes blood pressure to decrease?
    Antidiuretic hormone
    Artrial natriuretic hormone
  • 8
    Which is not filtered by blood at the glomerulus?
  • 9
    By what process are most molecules secreted from the blood into convoluted tubules
    Active transport
    Facilitated diffusion
  • 10
    Which is not correct
    Uric acid is produced from the breakdown of nucleic acids
    Ammonia results from the deamination of amino acids
    Urea is produced from the breakdown of proteins
    All of these are correct
  • 11
    When tracing the path of blood, the blood vessel that follows the renal artery is the
    Afferent arteriole
    Pertubular capillary
    Afferent arteriole
    Renal vein

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