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How much do you really know about The 100? Hardcore questions about a TV-show The 100.

  • 1
    Let’s get straight to business… who was responsible for the death of Clarke’s father?
    Let’s get straight to business… who was responsible for the death of Clarke’s father?
  • 2
    Why does Clarke refuse to give Bellamy her bracelet?
    She wants to get back at her mother for killing her father.
    She doesn’t like or trust Bellamy and doesn’t want to follow his lead.
    She wants to give the bracelet to Raven so she can use its parts to make a radio.
  • 3
    How does Charlotte die? (season 1)
    Bellamy kills her.
    She commits suicide.
    She is banished.
    Murphy kills her.
  • 4
    When video connection is established with the Ark, what does Clarke do to help Bellamy?
    Clarke confesses that her mother was behind chancellor Jaha’s assassination attempt so Bellamy gets pardoned for his crimes.
    Clarke helps Bellamy talk to his mother who has mysteriously been found alive.
    Clarke helps him to get pardoned for his crimes.
  • 5
    A grounder was captured and tortured on the drop ship. What was his name and who did he first tell it to?
    His name was Tristan and he told it to Bellamy.
    His name was Lincoln and he told it to Octavia.
    His name was Nyko and he told it to Clarke.
  • 6
    Jasper was captured by the grounders. Where is he found and what is the hidden trap?
    Jasper was found tied to a tree and there. There was a hole filled with wooden spikes in the ground below him.
    Jasper was found in a cave. The ceiling had wooden spikes that would drop when you stepped in the wrong place.
    Jasper was found in a hidden underground car that was about to explode.
  • 7
    How does Anya die?
    The soldiers at camp Jaha shoot her.
    She jumps off a cliff.
    Clarke drowns her.
  • 8
    Does Lincoln survive the reaper-state?
    Yes, Lincoln recovers straight away.
    No. He dies, but Abby uses electricity to bring him back again.
    No. Lincoln is dead.
  • 9
    How did Clarke and Bellamy reunite after Mount Weather?
    They stood in once place and Clarke said to Bellamy “Well, I was sure I was never going to see you again.”
    With a glorious hug!
    They shook hands and got back to whatever they were doing before.
  • 10
    Who kills Finn and why?
    The grounders have Finn. Clarke stabs him out of mercy.
    Finn surrendered to the grounders. Raven shoots him so he wouldn’t suffer long.
    The grounders are getting ready to torture Finn. Bellamy shoots him so he won’t be tortured.

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Georgie ( 46.12 )
Posted 254 days ago
the answer for number 2 is wrong. Clarke takes her bracelet off to get back at her mother so she thinks Clarke is dead. Bellamy had nothing to do with it.
Britney ( 51.91 )
Posted 296 days ago
I got them all right but fix your answers some of them are wrong