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Find out how much you really know about Reign!

  • 1
    In the first episode of Reign, why is Mary suddenly brought to the French court?
    In the first episode of Reign, why is Mary suddenly brought to the French court?
    Her mother made her go to court.
    She was almost poisoned. She was brought to court for safety.
    Francis insisted that she would come early.
  • 2
    When and where did Mary and Bash first meet?
    In the castle when Francis introduced them.
    At the convent when Bash had gone to escort Mary safely to the French court.
    In the court garden by the trees.
  • 3
    In the beginning of the first season, why was Greer mad at Mary? (To do with Tomas)
    Because Mary had admitted that she has a crush on Tomas.
    Because Mary had embarrassed Greer in front of Tomas.
    Because Tomas favored Mary over Greer.
  • 4
    When Mary decided not to claim the English throne, who does she flee the castle with?
    Her ladies (Aylee, Greer, Kenna and Lola.)
  • 5
    What is the final vision that Nostradamus had about Mary and Francis?
    Mary and Francis were surrounded by their children, laughing and playing in the castle gardens.
    Nostradamus saw Mary on her knees, weeping by Francis’ grave.
    He saw Francis lying on his bed with Mary kneeling by his side. Francis turned his head and Mary saw blood running from his ears.
  • 6
    During the plague Bash saw the ghost of a young Valent girl. What did the girl say to him?
    She warned him that the others who have died are angry and there will be a reckoning.
    She told him that Pascal knows who the ‘monster’ is.
    She warned him that others will pay the price for his wrong doings.
  • 7
    When Narcisse offers Lola to have a bath, how does she respond?
    She goes in the bath, knowing she has company.
    Lola asks another (who looks like her) to take her place in the bath.
    Lola throws a drink in his face and leaves, feeling insulted.
  • 8
    What did Greer and Castleroy discover had been done they’re donation?
    They discovered that they’re money was used to fund an assassination attempt.
    They’re donation was used to feed the poor Protestants.
    They’re money had been stolen by Narcisse.
  • 9
    How did Claude get rid of her two siblings?
    She didn’t kill them, she sent them away from French court.
    She had them executed.
    She pushed roses down their throats.
  • 10
    Mary read a letter sent by Louis Condé. What did he write?
    In the letter he confessed his love for her.
    In the letter he revealed that he has deep secrets he cannot tell her so he left.
    In the letter Condé said that he was really in French court to kill Francis, but he couldn’t (because he didn’t want to cause so much pain for Mary) and he left.

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