Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 quiz

  • 1
    The stamp act was the first law that taxed American colonists
    On food items, like sugar, tea, and molasses
    On consumer goods like glass, lead, and paint
    Directly, rather than with taxes on imports
  • 2
    He helped found the Sons of Liberty, a secret resistance group
    Thomas Gage
    Samuel Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
  • 3
    In reaction to the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed the
    Townshend Act
    Intolerable Acts
    Tea Act
  • 4
    Sons of Liberty called the confrontation between British soldiers and Boston civilian’s the "Boston Massacre" in order to
    Inspire foreign countries to support the colonies
    Sway public opinion against the British
    Describe the event as truthfully as possible
  • 5
    The British army technically won this battle, but lost almost 3 times as many men as the Continental Army.
    Bunker Hill
    Valley Forge
  • 6
    This European drillmaster transformed the Continental Army by training it during the winter of 1777-1778
    Friedrich von Steuben
    Marquis de Lafayette
    Charles Cornwallis
  • 7
    Loyalists were
    People who supported Britain in the colonies during the revolution
    People who returned to England at the start of the Revolution
    People who supported George Washington
  • 8
    According to John Locke, Thomas Jefferson and the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence, government power should be based on
    The consent of the people
    The principles of loyalty and honor
    Historical examples
  • 9
    George Washington's victory over German mercenaries at this battle ensured much of his army would re-enlist at the end of their terms.
    Valley Forge
  • 10
    The Olive Branch Petition was
    An attempt by the continental congress to gain French allies
    An attempt by the continental congress to end the war peacefully
    An attempt by Britain to end the war peacefully
  • 11
    What event convinced the French to openly support the colonies in the war against the British?
    The battle of Saratoga
    The battle of Yorktown
    The signing of the declaration of independence
  • 12
    The treaty of Paris included all of the following EXCEPT
    The US borders stretched from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River
    Britain would evacuate it's American forts
    The US borders stretch from Florida to Hudson Bay

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