Chapter 6

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  • 1
    One of the causes of the War of 1812 was
    British invasion of the NW territories
    The impressments of American sailors by the British Navy
    British threats against American settlers in Florida
  • 2
    One of the main supporters of the Democratic-Republicans were
  • 3
    All of the following about the XYZ affair is true EXCEPT
    It was eventually settled diplomatically
    It led to war with France
    It began when he French demanded a bribe from the US
  • 4
    The idea that states can void any act of Congress they think is unconstitutional is known as
    Judicial review
  • 5
    The battle of New-Orleans was
    The event that pushed William Henry Harrison into national fame
    The event that pushed Andrew Jackson into national fame
    A huge loss for the American army
  • 6
    The concept of judicial review was established in the Supreme Court's ruling in
    Gibbons vs Ogden
    McCullough vs Maryland
    Marbury vs. Madison
  • 7
    The Louisiana Purchase
    Was bought from France for $15 Million
    Was not supported by Thomas Jefferson
    Increased the size of the United States by 10x
  • 8
    The supreme court's ability to rule acts of Congress unconstitutional is known as
    Judicial review
  • 9
    William Clark and Meriwether Lewis were hired by the US government to
    Serve as representatives for foreign affairs for the US
    Explore the Louisiana Territory
    Explore the southern US
  • 10
    The Monroe Doctrine
    Warned European powers to not interfere in the Western Hemisphere
    Convinced Russia to give its claims to Alaska and the Northwest
    Proclaimed the intention of the US to create new colonies

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