Chapter 7

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  • 1
    Henry Clay proposed the American System from all of the following reasons EXCEPT
    To unify the nation
    To create a national currency
    The bring an end to slavery
  • 2
    The Supreme court decision in Gibbons vs Ogden
    Favored monopolies over competition
    Declared that no steamship line could cross between states
    Held that the federal government had authority over interstate commerce
  • 3
    The Missouri compromise
    Declared NY as a slave state
    Set the Mississippi river as the boundary between free and slave states
    Maintained a balance of slave/free states
  • 4
    Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle fought over this
    Bank of the US
    Tariff of Abominations
  • 5
    The idea of nullification promotes the notion of
    Judicial review
    States rights
  • 6
    The trail of tears refers to the forced relocation of the Cherokee to
  • 7
    The Erie Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean to
    The Mississippi river
    The Great lakes
    The National Road
  • 8
    The concept of states' rights was enthusiastically supported by
    John Marshall
    Daniel Webster
    John C. Calhoun
  • 9
    The development of the cotton gin resulted in
    An increase in immigration to the US
    An increase in the number of slaves brought to the US
    The growth of small, family farms in the South
  • 10
    The supreme court established what principle in the case of Marbury vs Madison
    Intrastate trade
    Interstate trade
    Judicial review

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