Chapter 13-15

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  • 1
    The Homestead ACT required those who claimed land under the act to
    Farm the land for 5 years
    Fence the land
    Allow cattle to graze on the land freely
  • 2
    Sand Creek and Wouded Knee are famous for being sites of
    Native American massacres of US army troops
    Battles between Native tribes and white settlers
    US Army massacres of Native Americans
  • 3
    This was enacted to "Americanize" Native Americans
    Dawes Act
    Grange Act
    Plains Act
  • 4
    The policy of treating the Great Plains as a reservation changed because
    White settlers began to want land in the plains
    Native populations decreased and needed less lands
    Native Americans refused to remain on the plains
  • 5
    Assimilation of the Plains tribes was mainly intended to
    Encourage them to behave like whites
    Help them meet basic needs
    Encourage them to stop fighting each other
  • 6
    This marked the end of the wars between the Plains tribes and the US government
    Massacre at wounded knee
    Death of Crazy Horse
    Sand creek massacre
  • 7
    The Grange did all of the following EXCEPT
    Oppose railroads
    Support education for industrial workers
    Support political candidates
  • 8
    Which of the following did Social Darwinism discourage?
    Hard work
    Amassing wealth
    Government regulation
  • 9
    The Interstate Commerce Act gave the right to supervise railroad activities to
    Railroad company officials
    A specially appointed committee of industrialists
    The federal government
  • 10
    In Munn vs. Illinois, the Supreme Court allowed
    The Federal government
  • 11
    The average American in the late 1800s through early 1900s reacted to new immigrants by
    Welcoming them as fellow workers
    Wanting to know more about their customs/culture
    Excluding them and trying to stop them from entering the US
  • 12
    Chinese and Japanese immigrants primarily came into the US through
    Ellis Island
    Angel Island
    Mackinac Island
  • 13
    Of the statements below, which one is true about the period of 1880-1910?
    African-Americans were discouraged from living in the cities, so they stayed in the south
    The cities grew rapidly as immigrants, farmers and African-Americans moved into them hoping to find work.
    Most new immigrants settled in the country in order to farm

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