Which one of my characters are you most like?

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I think this is pretty self explanatory; which one of my characters are you most like?

  • 1
    What would be your ideal situation?
    Silence, just me, the computer, and Netflix.
    What do you mean, ideal situation? What does that mean? Well, I guess I mean I'd like to be famous..
    I would, um, like to see myself cuddling with a significant other..
    Haaa, a buffet.
    ... The battlefield. Explosions. The yelling of the general. Victory.
  • 2
    It looks like there's someone in trouble. What do you do?
    Act cool. Just act cool.
    Call for help, duh!
    Save whoever's in trouble with a good punch to the gut!
    I don't want to get my hands dirty, but I wish the guy in trouble good luck
    Analyze the situation, make sure I'm not noticed. Then wittily proceed with butt kickery.
  • 3
    You've suddenly got powers! What are they?
    Storm powers. I find it's very representative.
    Earth. Well, at least I can get some pretty jewels...
    Fire! Burn! BURN IT ALL DOWN!
    Water- it's my natural element!
    Morphing powers. So I can blend in and further how cool I am.
  • 4
    You're in a library- what book catches your attention?
    Science fiction, mystery, noir, the like- ( oh, look, computers. Maybe I could see if I can access the root terminal..)
    Books aren't cool. Except for maybe this nonfiction one.
    Probably a good fantasy book! A few mangas are fine too..
    The vending machine.
    Books? Nah. Have they got any magazines? Or maybe a romance book..
  • 5
    On a fighting team, what would be your ideal position?
    Position? I only know one word: FIGHT!
    Probably primary defense.
    Most likely I'd be supporting. Like the healer?
    The brains- though everyone says I'd be fitting as a leader.
    I don't know, though I give good emotional advice!
  • 6
    What's your weakness?
    I'm afraid of getting hurt..
    Acting before thinking, the like..
    I'm grossed out by a lot of things. Like bugs.
    Situations where I lose my cool. Which is quite rare.
    What weakness? Pshh! ( though, I'm not really good with my emotions..)
  • 7
    You're put in charge of planning your next friend-get-together! What do you propose?
    The theme park! And then we could go eat somewhere cool!
    Well, we'd all hang out, maybe go to a movie..
    A whole day at the mall! Followed by a sleepover!
    I don't know, maybe stay at home, do whatever comes, watch some crime drama shows?
    Maybe just walking around, or visiting some relaxing place.
  • 8
    There's someone getting all up in your face. What do you do?
    Quietly mumble a question- you don't want it to have to come to broken arms ( like last time)
    Ask why, or scratch them with my nicely painted nails! ( Probably be nice, maybe)
    Keep cool, listen to this dumbbutt. As if you could care less.
    What face? It's now caved in.
    Probably keep quiet, but then make a sassy remark or a witty comeback, then smirk.
  • 9
    How do people normally see you?
    Smart. Sometimes scary.
    Loud, popular, outgoing, extroverted
    The quiet, musical one.
    The fashionable one!
    Cool. But kind of a douche at times..
  • 10
    What does everyone normally come to you for?
    Musical things, mainly!
    People don't come to me for anything much.
    Homework or technology help. If they can actually talk to me.
    For everything! Conversations, though, dominate the majority.
    Relationship advice, fashion advice, etcetera~
  • 11
    What's your hidden talent?
    I'm actually really good with numbers:3
    Music. Though I refuse to admit it.
    I suppose I can write a good horror novel..
    I can toss around a ball or two..
    Karate... hehehe..
  • 12
    Weapon of choice?
    Nunchucks. Probably because I just randomly picked them up.
    A bat! It can deal a really good beating, hehehehe
    A chainsaw. Duh.
    A hammer. It seems to finalize things when I draw it down.
    A dagger. It's kind of cool, and plus, it's pretty sharp!

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