Which Lord of the Rings Character is Like You?

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The title says it all. Are you Legolas? Are you Gimli? Are you Frodo? Are you Sam? Are you Aragorn? Find out right now, here, with this test!

  • 1
    Your friends describe you as...
    A graceful being, with few downsides.
    Brave, a born leader.
    Friendly, Fun loving, good natured.
    Loyal. Perhaps TOO much.
    A stubborn, sore loser, but fun to be around.
  • 2
    What weapon would you use?
    I wouldn't say I'm the fighting type...
    AXE! Perfect for bulk terminating!
    A Bow and Arrow is my preference.
    This ring I have. It makes me invisible!
    Just a sword. A very old sword.
  • 3
    What style is your facial hair?
    If I had facial hair, my food would get stuck in it!
    Just a stuble, usual stuff.
    I don't have any. I'm trying to remain smooth.
    I have none because I'm not a dwarf.
    I have so much hair, you can barely see my face!
  • 4
    What type of being are you? (Not a bean...hopefully)
    I'm a hobbit, wishing to stay where I belong!
    A hobbit!
    I'm an Elf!
    I, am a proud dwarf!
    I'm a man, thank you!
  • 5
    Where would you live?
    Gondor, or where ever I can.
    The Shire!
    Mirkwood. For all of the nature.
    Moria, the hospitality of dwarves, is the finest around!
    I'd like to travel more.
  • 6
    In your spare time you...
    I spy on my friends to make sure they're safe. =)
    I look after my mischievous uncle.
    Drink ale, mine for gold, go on about how annoying elves are!
    Wash my hair and practice archery.
    I roam the lands of middle earth or visit Rivendell.
  • 7
    Are good at fighting?
    Not really, but I'll do anything to protect my friends!
    I've stabbed a cave troll.
    I should say so!
    I'm one of the best warriors around, people tell me.
    Others would say so, but I don't like to brag. Much.
  • 8
    Okay, here's a freebie. Who do you want to be?
    Gimli 4ever!
    The king of gondor, Aragorn!
    Legolas... Is that a bad thing? (No!)
    Frodo please!
  • 9
    Finally, what colour eyes do you have?
    Changing colours!
    I've never really looked.
    Blue! Big and Blue!
  • 10
    Haha, This is actually the last question. How big of a deal are you?
    Well I am King.
    Of course I'm a big deal! All of my kin are!
    I wouldn't say I'm a big deal.
    I'm a really big deal where I come from. I guess I'm a big hit with the ladies too...
    Well I guess if it weren't for me, we'd all be dead.

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