Are You Good At Minecraft?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Amy - Developed on: - 8.550 taken

You play Minecraft, you just survived the demo, and you downloaded THE REAL GAME. Now let's see if you're really good at Minecraft...

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    What is the ore that you mostly see when you're mining?
    I think it's coal, it might be iron
    Coal! It's so obvious
    It's iron
  • 2
    What is the block in Minecraft that is unable to mine?
    Emerald Blocks
    It's emerald ore.
    Bedrock! It's so hard to mine.. But I'm glad it's there.
  • 3
    What is the rare ore that you only find in Extreme Hill Biomes?
    I think it's Emerald, it might be diamond, but I'm not too sure.
    It's diamond...
    What are Extreme Hill Biomes?
    Emerald Ore! It's so hard to find, man!
  • 4
    Can you get a pet duck in Minecraft?
    Well, I've seen some chickens in water before...
    Yes? If you breed them, they'll attack anything you attack.
    No. No no no no no.
    No... aren't chickens supposed to be ducks?
    Yes! Pet ducks ARE SO COOL!
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    Where is the place you can find glowstone?
    The Nether! I go to the Nether every Minecraft week to get more
    The End I think
    The Nether
    It's the Nether or the End I dunno
    It's The End duhhhhh
  • 6
    When you look in blacksmith chests, what do you usually get?
    Gold and Obsdian only
    Apples, Gold, Obsidian, Iron, Diamonds, Arrows
    Apples, Gold, Obsidian, Iron, Diamonds, Arrows! Man I love those chests
    Random stuff
    Emeralds, Red wool and shears! Man I love those chests
  • 7
    On the scale from 1-5, how much do you like Minecraft?
    1, but I want to level up more!
    2, it's alright!
    3! I'm getting use to it!
  • 8
    What edition do you have?
    Most of them!
    PS, PS2, PS3 or PS4 edition
    Pocket edition!
    PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi edition!
    Xbox 360 or Xbox One edition
  • 9
    Have you ever fell into lava and lost all your stuff?
    Only once, because a zombie pushed me!
    No, I made a path so I could get to those diamonds!
    Yes, about 10 times now!
    Whenever I go mining, I ALWAYS fall into lava.
  • 10
    What's the most powerful mob in Minecraft?
    The Ender Dragon
    The Ender Dragon! Man, I never died battling him!
    I dunno, a creeper?
    The skeleton he's so evil

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Tiggy_ariel ( 1.188 )
Posted 161 days ago
Yay i am skilled but i want to be more better.