What kind of soldier are you?

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This quiz is to see what kind of soldier are you

  • 1
    In your first training, what kind of weapon that you choose?
    Light machine gun
    Gauge gun
    Light rifle (with scope)
  • 2
    If you meet 4-5 enemy near a gas tank, what would you do?
    Tell 2 of your teammates to flank them while take covering fire for them
    Search a hiding place then shoot the gas tank
    Throw a grenade near the fuel tank
  • 3
    When your friend find an empty tank in the battlefield full of enemy, what would you do?
    Find a place with camouflage and help your friend
    Find a mount-able gun like 50.cal and shoot the enemy while your friend fixing the tank
    Repair the tank and tell your friend to cover you
  • 4
    You've been chase with a group of soldier, but you find a hill full with bazooka and sniper rifle ammo, and also a mortar, what will you do?
    Use the mortar to defeat all of the enemy (yeeeeeeoiiiii)
    Use your bazooka and kill' em
    Use your sniper to shoot all of the enemy
  • 5
    How many soldier you want in your platoon?
    4, including me
    No, I work alone
    12 people, maybe
  • 6
    You has been pin point a place and you must go there, are you gonna take a ride or walk?
    Ride a helicopter
    I just walk
    Ride a jeep
  • 7
    What is your secondary weapon?
    A combat knife
  • 8
    You are wounded but your friend is wounded too, even worse. You heal yourself but you must find a med kit for your friend. Would you....
    Search it in a machine gun pillbox
    Search it in an enemy pocket
    Search it in a small fortress
  • 9
    If you see an enemy chopper, what would you do?
    Shoot the blade inlet
    Shoot the pilot
    Destroyed it (with a bazooka)
  • 10
    Last question..... if an enemy general is lying on the ground in front of you, powerless, what would you do?
    Cut his throat off
    Shoot his head off
    Shoot his head off

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Belahzael ( .5.74 )
Posted 318 days ago
Yeah, your way to write isn´t quite easy to read for someone, who doesn´t speak english all the time or cares for correct grammar, also I don´t want you as my leader or general in battle, yor tactics suck, but it´s a good personality test.