Are you a wolf?

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Do you want to know if you are a therian wolf? Well this quiz can determine that!

  • 1
    What is your favorite food?
  • 2
    Your favorite animal is. . .
  • 3
    You see a wolf twenty feet away, you. .
  • 4
    Pretend you are a wolf, what do you wear so that other wolves know who you are?
  • 5
    Again, pretend you are a wolf. You see a human. What do you do?
  • 6
    What do you look like as a wolf?
  • 7
    What is your favorite color?
  • 8
    What would your name as a wolf be?
  • 9
    In a wolf pack, what would your rank be?
  • 10
    Why do you want or not want to be a wolf?

Comments (29)


Aphmau (55467)
2 days ago
I love wolfes
Luna(pack leader!) (03950)
6 days ago
Does anybody how a pack is formed? I have FEEL like I have a STRONG BOND with my 3 friends!
Wolflover (28589)
19 days ago
100% wolf.. Yey!!!
Collin (30750)
25 days ago
I need a pack does anyone need a beta am a strong wolf šŸŗ I need help am not in control šŸ˜¤
Collin (30750)
25 days ago
It said am a beta and I don't want but I guess I have no choice to be a wolf a beta
Collin (30750)
25 days ago
i didn't want this I tried to be Friendly but i Can't stop thinking about killing
Beatrix (68604)
29 days ago
I am alpha wolf, and I will sacrifice whatever it takes for the safety of my pack.
Sophia (28707)
29 days ago
I'm a alpha yea šŸŗ I will take care of my pale
Amanda (58999)
31 days ago
I love wolfs i have part wolf dog
Alpha wolf (45161)
34 days ago
I'm the strongest Alpha there is im cool
Audrey wolf (39670)
35 days ago
Iā€™m 100% wolf my name is....Wolfie I guess
Wolf bane (34534)
53 days ago
I'm a strong alpha I'm so cool
Evan (84221)
76 days ago
Hello! I am werewolf and this test is pretty good! I got a hundred and ten!
luna (50503)
96 days ago
100% wolf i knew it but i like to call my self a wolfblood i'm not inhuman like warewolfs i can control my transformations
Nevaeh (18952)
103 days ago
I am 100% wolf but we call ourselfs WolfBloods not werewolves we are not monsters
Olivia (01457)
140 days ago
another thing that means im a wolf my last name is Moon. if you dont belive me goon youtube search up ReMu ShAdOw and comment is your guys last name moon? because shes my sister. theirs proofif you wanted it. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia (01457)
140 days ago
I am a wolf no matter what people say. 1 sharp teeth 2 act like one most of the time 3 always want meat 4 never wanna leave outdoors 5 eats off the floor 6 wants name to be changed like Wolf bane 7 plays with WOLF stuffed animals 8 wants to run and go kill caribou 9 feels like transforming 10 sometimes doesn't like people. Thats it and thats all. NEVER MESS WITH ME OR ELSE YOU WILL GET PULLED TO THE GROUND AND YOU WILL HAVE A SPLIT OPENED NECK!!!! I JUST HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE MESS AROUND WITH ME OMG OMG OMG I JUST HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE BEING A WOLF AND YOU CANT TELL ME IM NOT A WOLF!!!!!!!! i dont sound much scary but i am. if you ever come to my house and break something your dead lying on the ground with blood coming out of you. i think you learned your lesson. BYE!!!!!!!!!!
Gabby (24134)
150 days ago
It weird i can like tell if it is sad or if it likes me and stuff luke that and its like i can feel its emotions and I've always love the moon and when i say always i mean always. Ever since I've been born i loved the moon...this test is very accurate
šŸ¾ (45871)
158 days ago
YAY! I am apure wolf (100%) and a strong, wise alpha. When it comes to connections, I always have felt connected to animals but animals like wolves and dogs, I have felt more connected. I have always wanted a dog or wolf but they wolf part is probably never going to happen. Now I know I am a pure wolf!!šŸ¾
Unknown (45871)
158 days ago
Hi! So I am a wolf....YAY!!!! I always have felt connected to animals but more connected to wolves and dogs. This is an awesome quiz! šŸ¾