How Popular Are You? (High School)

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How popular are you? How likely are you to become popular? Where are you on the social hierarchy of high school?

  • 1
    What year are you?
  • 2
    Are you currently dating/in a relationship?
    Yes, he/she is in popular circles and/or sports teams
    Yes, he/she is a nerd
    Yes, it is a non-conventional couple/relationship
    Yes, he/she is emo or goth
  • 3
    What kind of grades do you usually get?
  • 4
    After school on Monday to Thursday, what do you usually do?
    Change into a skirt or nice jeans and meet your friends at the mall, Starbucks, etc.
    Do volunteer work, babysit, or got to your job
    Crack the books and get your homework done so you can talk on the phone later
    Go to a school or club sports practice
    Change into sweats and a hoodie and watch your favorite show, read fanfiction, or listen to music
  • 5
    On a Friday evening, where can you be found?
    Doing something with your family
    Going to bed early
    On a date or at a friend's party
    With your friends at someone's house or the mall
    Watching a movie, listening to music, reading fanfiction
  • 6
    What stores do you shop at regularly for CLOTHES?
    Aeropostale, American Eagle, and similar
    Nowhere that has a brand name
    Anthropologie and similar
    Victoria's Secret, PINK, Forever 21, Juicy Couture, and similar
    Hot Topic and similar
  • 7
    What does your bookbag look like?
    A backpack/knapsack with your favorite brand's logo (PINK, Juicy Couture, etc.)
    I don't carry a bag in school
    A regular old backpack
    Anything Vera Bradley
    A designer tote (Michael Kors, Chanel, etc.)
  • 8
    On any given school day, you are wearing...
    A slightly hipster combination of graphic tee or boho blouse, sandals or vans, and a short skirt with knee socks
    Workout or athletic clothes
    Leggings or yoga pants, a top, a scarf, and athletic shoes or flats
    Sweats/PJ's and a hoodie
    A cute, comfy outfit: skinny jeans or a skirt, a nice top, flats or heels, and accessories
  • 9
    How many people's numbers do you have in your contacts?
    A few of my closest friends
    Anybody I would want to talk to of both sexes
    A few close friends for when I have homework questions
    Almost all girls/guys, but not many of the opposite sex
    My family
  • 10
    How often do you wear makeup?
    4-5 days a week
    2-3 days a week, or on special occasions
    5-6 days a week
    7 days a week
  • 11
    What is your go-to makeup style?
    Foundation, natural, light color, or smoky eye shadow, subtle eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara
    Foundation, blush, winged eyeliner, smoky eye, red lips, mascara
    Very thick eyeliner and red lips
    A Goth look
    Bare skin with a little eyeliner and eye shadow, maybe some mascara, lip gloss
  • 12
    Do you wear glasses on a regular basis? (Not if you need them, but do you wear the actual frames)
    Yes, wire rimmed or round glasses
    Yes, reading glasses
    Yes, nerd/hipster glasses are part of my look
    No, only as an accessory
    No, never
  • 13
    What is your current haircut?
    Any length with bangs (not side bangs, but over your forehead)
    Medium to long with not much layering so I can get it in a pony for sports
    Idek, I don't really bother with my hair
    An emo/Goth style: with lots of layers and bangs to one side or framing the face
    Medium to long with some layers and shaping around the face (or long side bangs)
  • 14
    How important is your appearance when you are heading to school each morning?
    Mostly not important, I just make sure my hair looks presentable
    Pretty important, I always make sure I look good but if I am late I will skip some more trivial things
    Irrelevant, I don't bother much with how I look
    Critical, I don't go anywhere till my hair, makeup, and outfit are spot-on
    Important, I make sure I look ok but I'm not picky about hair and makeup
  • 15
    Who are you with when you in school but not in class?
    I usually am alone
    I can sometimes find some kids I know to talk to
    I always have a group of people with me, girls and guys
    I am with my best friend
    I hang with my group of girlfriends
  • 16
    If you lost your phone for a day, what would you see when you found it?
    A missed call from Mom, a lot of texts, my Facebook and Instagram notifications
    A missed call from Mom and a couple texts
    Missed calls from Mom, my boyfriend, and a couple of worried friends, too many texts to read them all, my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram notifications
    A missed call from Mom
    A missed call from Mom, a bunch of texts, and my Instagram notifications
  • 17
    You see your crush in the mall while you are out with your friends. What do you do?
    Smile and wave hello
    Make sure he sees you but don't acknowledge him unless he approaches you
    Walk up to him- "Oh hey, -----, I didn't expect to see you here! We're just about to head to the food court-wanna join us?"
    I wouldn't even have been in the mall!
    Walk the other direction-he'd never talk to you anyways
  • 18
    You come back to school after being in the hospital for a week. What happens?
    The teacher mentions you were out and people remember that they didn't see you- "Oh yeah, I wondered where you were!"
    Once you are spotted, all sorts of people want to say hi- "We were worried about you! You look great! You'll never guess what happened..."
    Your girlfriends squeal when they see you and you hear lots of people mention you- "Oh look, --- is back."
    Nobody noticed you were out
    Your best friend reminds people that you just came back
  • 19
    How easily do you make friends?
    I am reserved or shy around new people, but open up fast
    I am nice but only if they initiate a conversation
    I have to work a little to be friendly, but it is not too bad
    I don't have good people skills and it's hard for me to get along
    I don't even have to try, I just connect with people easily.
  • 20
    What one word would people use to describe you?

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