Does He Admire You?

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Always wonder if he likes you or not. Take this quiz to know if he loves you back.

  • 1
    How long have you met each other?
    Since we both were wearing diapers.
    Months ago.
    Just now or days ago.
    Weeks ago.
    Been a couple years.
  • 2
    Does he notice you?
    He ignores my every move.
    We are BFF's!
    No.... I'm invisible..
    He knows me.
    Yea, we're friends.
  • 3
    Do you have common traits?
    Yea, we both have EVERYTHING in common!
    No......:( I'm a TOTAL opposite of him.
    :)Luckily, we both have many similarities.
    Some, 3/10.
  • 4
    Does he stare at you?
    He smiles, and stares like he saw a million dollars
    He seems like he likes me, though he doesn't stare at any girl.
    Yeah,:( If I embarrassed myself..
    Nope.. Never..EVER!
  • 5
    Does his friends hangout with you?
    They tease me and point at me and call my crush's name!:) Some, GOOD FEELIN'!
    Yea🕥🕖🕦🕤🕕.. ...... (NOPE I AM LYING! FORGET IT!)
    Yea sure,
    We are BROS! For life! *special handshake*
    Ummm............... They don't know me.. *CRYS LIKE CRAZY* Yeaa.. Yeahh they "totally" know me! (Lying inside)
  • 6
    Had you ever bump him? What was his expression?
    Yeah, he smiled and stared at me for a while. As he questions if I'm alright
    Ehh.. Not good.. At all
    No ;| Soooo.. Next question comin' up!
    YeppAdooo! BUT, he left me. Screaming BUG REPELLENT NOW! And someone smothers hand sanitizer on his hands. Or somethin' like that.
    Yasss! He held my shoulders and laughed. Once his eyes locked on to mine, he YELLED RAT! RAT!
  • 7
    Do you communicate in anyway online?
    No, no access to it in anyway.
    Yea, he LOVEZ sending me smiling emojis.
    Yea, we tag each other on pics.
    We're NOW considered as #tumblrmodels Proud of course!:}
    Yes, we text each other sometimes. ;)
  • 8
    When you text, how does he text you?
    We ask questions about each other. Turns out we have a whole lot in common!:)
    We stay up ALL night, telling each other, and asking about ourselves.
    We don't text each other.:?
    Well, he sends emojis. Like these: 😍😊☺️😀😄😃😂😉
    He ignores my messages!:/
  • 9
    Does he act nervous around you?
    Well, he's very confident in himself. He walks with pride around everyone!
    Yea, sure whatevss.. TROLL nope he doesn't!
    He looks like he is shivering and twitching. ;)
    He is embarrassed around me. He ignores...
    Such a freakin' b*tch! Sorry! He passes by me like I'm a wall. He hanged his jacket on me! 😡😤😒
  • 10
    What is his personality?
    Boring, Attractive, Wise
    Shy, nice, sweet, wise.
    Wise, Athletic, Funny, Charming, Attractive
    Stupid Dumbo, Charming, Six Packs of ABS!
    Funny, Jerk, Bully

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