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15 Questions - Developed by: Annie Tejeda - Developed on: - 9.723 taken


  • 1
    "He sees them talking with a big smile...
    Can't see what he is going through"
    Yeah, they don't know where they're going"
    But they haven't got a clue"
  • 2
    "I swear it will get ____, remember that with every ____ of you..."
    Easier; piece
    Sweet; tear
    Lovely; smile
  • 3
    "Tell me now, tell me now, tell me...
    Where you go when you feel afraid?"
    Why you left me alone in the rain?"
    Where you are when he is not there?"
  • 4
    "We were born sick, you heard them say it...
    Keep the guards on my side"
    That looks tasty, that looks plenty"
    My church offers no absolute"
  • 5
    "You're the fear, I don't care...
    Never knew that it could mean so much"
    'cause I've never been so high"
    You're the color of my blood"
  • 6
    "Wake me up, say enough is enough...
    I'm dying to live, something's gotta give"
    I've been here way too long"
    Maybe I'm a fuck-ng waste"
  • 7
    "Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper...
    The loneliness is torturing me"
    And I can't take one more moment of this silence"
    Hold my breath and let it bury me"
  • 8
    "Heart's on fire tonight...
    Feel my bones ignite"
    We call it love"
    It feels like war"
  • 9
    "Whisky _____, drink me _____, pull me ____..."
    Princess; under; in
    Obsessed; all; in
    Queen; over; slowly
  • 10
    "If you believe that everything's alright...
    You won't be all alone tonight"
    What a night it is!"
    I'll be blessed by the light of your company"
  • 11
    "Lights will _____ you home and ignite your _____ and I'll will try to ______ you"
    Guide; bones; fix
    Take; soul; love
    Guide; heart; help
  • 12
    "When the ______ out, _______ us, here we are now, ________ us"
    Music; play; entertain
    Lights; love; please
    Lights; entertain; entertain
  • 13
    "I don't want you to leave...
    Would you hold my hand?"
    Would you sleep next to me?"
    Will you lay with me?"
  • 14
    "Sad to see you go...
    Was sorta hoping that you'd stay"
    I was hoping you will stay"
    Are you going? please stay"
  • 15
    "When I was a young ____, my ______ took me into the _______ to see a ________ _________"
    Boy; father; city; marching band
    Kid; mama; garden; gay parade
    Girl; grandma; church; punk choir

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