Do you act your age?

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Do you act your age or do you get older or younger mentally? Find out here

  • 1
    How old are you?
    17-26 (or older)
  • 2
    Have you had a REAL first kiss?
    No way girl
    On the cheek so not real I guess
    Yeah like last year/recent
  • 3
    Do you wear makeup everyday?
    Only on weekdays
    Never been seen without it! duh
    What's makeup.../why would I?
  • 4
    Do you have a boyfriend?
    Eww boys have cooties/ not aloud
    Yeah but we aren't serous/ I'm old enough and its serious
    Duh and we are serious ;)
  • 5
    How many friends from other schools do you have?
    I know everyone and they know me/ 17 or above or less
  • 6
    Are you popular? to others
    Yes! duhhhh
    No we don't do that/ geek loser girl no one likes:(
    No/ I'm a sidekick to her:/
  • 7
    How self confident are you on a scale from 0-10?
  • 8
    Do you show of by being mean to your younger sibling?
    No way I love them in front of everyone <3
    Sometimes I yell but not to impress/ DON'T have any
    Yeah they are annoying AF
  • 9
    Does your boyfriend want you because your popular?
    Don't have one
    Well I think but I don't care because that's why I'm with him
    No he likes who I am.
  • 10
    Have you been bullied/are you? (be honest
    Yes but I don't care about that/ I am a bully I can't help it
    That's why I'm mean, because I used to be/yes
    No/ I never bully/yes

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MS ( 2.232 )
Posted 30 days ago
What? I act young?! I'm 14 and I act a bit young 4 my age? No I don't! I'm just not allowed 2 have a bf. I don't really like this quiz. Just cause i am not alwd a bf or make-up doesn't mean i act younger for my age.
bi ( 01.18 )
Posted 70 days ago
Younger siblings are annoying. I appove this statement. ( 161.7 )
Posted 134 days ago
You're perfect for your age. even though nobody's perfect, you're as close as it gets! only take this advise (IF YOU WERE HONEST) try doing more little kid things and older kid things to get it more balanced though. I'm almost 15 and going in2 9th grade so I think this was actually accurate.
Good Job Kayln!
duhh ( 06.21 )
Posted 187 days ago
Boys aregross and I act my age I dont have a boy friend because who really wants to go through the pain of breaking up
Soapy ( 0.198 )
Posted 196 days ago
I can't associate with boys!! I go to an all girl school!!!!
Bionka ( 8.106 )
Posted 224 days ago
I don't wear a lote of make up and I'm not mean I don't like this quiz I act my age a lot of either people DON'T! And,I don't take part in a lot of drama!­čśá
kyra stinnett ( 8.254 )
Posted 225 days ago
I'm my age 13 well really 12 but still
Lisa ( 78.51 )
Posted 243 days ago
there's quite a lot of questions about boy in this quiz but im a lesbien soo
distroyer of light ( 2.118 )
Posted 245 days ago
i am 14 and it says i act younger ????? Well,I DONT THINK SO
buttercup ( 8.135 )
Posted 266 days ago
kitty you are so right im also 12 and im not allowed to have a bf. like no just because i dont have a bf does not mean that im young for my age what is this.
Jakob ( 2.246 )
Posted 267 days ago
The problem with this is it is mainly made for females.. and also, i don't have younger siblings!
immy ( .3.65 )
Posted 269 days ago
U Guyz Rock T Though Ya Ans. R Smehw Mean
Kitty ( 3.181 )
Posted 278 days ago
What? I act young? I'm 12 and I act a bit young 4 my age? No I don't! I'm just not allowed 2 have a bf. >:( I don't rlly like this quiz
Wolf[BEEP] ( 64.66 )
Posted 295 days ago
why should i associate with boys they have cooties XD
Chloe ( 40.52 )
Posted 320 days ago
I guess I act my age