Am I Lesbian? (Scenario Quiz)

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If you want to confirm you're a lesbian
If you want to confirm you're not a lesbian
If you're unsure you're a lesbian

  • 1
    You're at Victoria's Secret buying lingerie and suddenly a very sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy employee rubs her hand across your boobs and says "Hey Baby, I'm Kinda Horny"
  • 2
    You're in the car with her and she then says "Let's go get some well some pleasure makers I mean baby if you know what I mean then you know what to say" and grabs your boob and digs between your legs
  • 3
    You're at the Adult's Superstore and she finds scrap-ons, dildos, vibrators, costumes, condoms, a dirty lesbian's book with 400 pages of just position pictures with hardcover, cum sucker, and a catalog of 200 pages of pictures and information of and about women who are seeking lesbians but all of these things cost exactly $367.54 but you girlfriend wants them so bad she even says "Baby I Want Hardcore Tonight But Me These Things" and she gives the horny girl look which really turned you on 180 maybe 180000000
  • 4
    In the car she says she "Baby I Love You But Let Us Not Rush Our Relationship But We Can Still Fuck Each Other All Day, Every Day"
  • 5
    You're exactly 7 minutes from your place and you both spot a very sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy lady in a very short but comfortable dress, white leather jacket, white high heels, waist length hair, nice jewelry, red makeup, leather purse arguing on the phone with her boyfriend and she finally says "You Know What I Am Done We're Through" she then asks if you could give her a ride
  • 6
    You're pulling in the drive way into your luxurious mansion you get out grab your Victoria's Secret bag while Celesta (employee) {Made-up name} grabs the Pleasure's Adult Superstore bag then you enter the passcode to your home and all three of you ladies walk in
  • 7
    You, Celesta and Sabrina (sidewalk girl) finish the tour
  • 8
    After you tell her she agrees you all walk upstairs Celesta slaps your ass and Sabrina kisses you both you all are in the bedroom
  • 9
    You're all naked

    {What order will you ladies go for fingering}
  • 10
    You stop fingering then you go hardcore Celesta uses the scrap-on on you and bangs you so fast and so hard and so deep but you couldn't scream because Sabrina had another scrap-on in your mouth but then Celesta slows down to bang you harder than ever faster than ever and deeper than ever you then tell Sabrina to get the scrap-on she has out of your mouth so you can scream while still getting banged Celesta then stops because she wants to bang your pussy like she did with your ass you do it Sabrina.....
  • 11
    What Celesta did to you, you do to Celesta, and what Sabrina did to you, Sabrina does to Celesta and what you did to Sabrina, Sabrina does to Celesta, and what Celesta did to Sabrina you does to Celesta you finish doing that and you all turn the TV on to lesbian porn but you don't watch it you all then use dildos and vibrators on each other while playing with each other's pussy/ass/boobs/nipples

  • 12
  • 13
    How would you rate this quiz?
  • 14
    What body parts catch your eyes the most and do you think your result will be lesbian?
  • 15
    What do you think your results are?

    {Be in my mind this does come with the results}

Comments (34)


Grade 7 lesbian (70905)
8 days ago
Lol absolute lesbian
Soo (72353)
11 days ago
I'm a boy who wants to be lesbian
lola (55950)
20 days ago
Wow wonderful quiz
Holland (78305)
20 days ago
Hello again Cb, wish we lived closer
Cb (17029)
21 days ago
Holland I feel the same too
Holland (78305)
21 days ago
I totally feel the same
I’m 12 years old and wish I️ could make out with someone
Sarah (93094)
22 days ago
This did turn me on and I`m only 11. Can someone makeout with me
Celesta (06051)
24 days ago
I’m 13 and no it turned me on so much but I guess it makes since
Sabrina (51269)
30 days ago
This turned me on so much I'm bi and I'm 13 can someone do this to me
Random person (78544)
52 days ago
Sorry I meant because I'm straight I do not hate
all homosexuals not homophobics.
Random person (78544)
52 days ago
I hate how this test is so steriotype.
Just because I'm straight does not mean I hate all
homophobic people.
Sexy (88845)
85 days ago
Mj sailor Moon I'm 12 we should talk
MD (14683)
128 days ago
Mj sailor moo we should talk I'm ,12 I just turned
Mj sailor moo (82341)
139 days ago
Im 11 and I just took the test 1 this really turned me on and it said I'm lesb but I'm pretty sure I'm bye also I'm turning twelve very soon
FaultInOurStars (53683)
140 days ago
Hi guys. This quiz is kinda messed up, I'm not gonna lie. And how come there are capital letters before everything that the people say. Bad grammer if you ask me. But anyway, anyone who read this comment, I advise you to check out the quizzes done by Cally Marg. They are really cool and pretty funny. So go do them if u want and goodbye!
Riley (40222)
145 days ago
Seriously? This quiz is very strange. I suppose every lesbian in the world except me wants to be intimate with randoms. Does anyone actually think this is a well written quiz? I sure don't.
Zoe (10989)
173 days ago
Kayla (37785) I'm in the exact same position as you- I'm 12 and I go to a conservative all girls school, were everyone is straight ;-; Problem is, l like girls! I don't really have any advice it was just cool to read about someone feeling the same way as me.
Christina (59956)
211 days ago
This is absolutely DISGUSTING! I know many of u mean well but, if u r aged from 10 to 14, think twice before u act. Wod u really have💗with a random stranger? And, when u reach 16, dont have💗just because you can. I have nothing against lesbians but plz, b wise. I've been there, done it young and I'm just going to say, its not quite how you imagine it. Plz, dont b 💗. Im not saying never have💗just... choose the right time. And the roght person. Dont do things you'll regret.
Amelia (59956)
211 days ago
I got les, its just I did it to get turned on. Im pretty sure I'm straight but do LOVE the idea of lesbian relationships, I mean💗 r gross! Can somebody help me plz?
Little Kawaii Girl (19812)
214 days ago
I got lesbian like always.