Zombie Survival

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How long would you survive? Find out now!

  • 1
    In the zombie apocalypse, what is the ideal number of people to have on a team?
    I'm a lone wolf, I don't need anyone.
    Probably two or three.
    As many as I can! At least ten.
    I'd say five or six.
  • 2
    Which is the best place to have as a base?
    A prison.
    A cabin in the woods.
    The top floor of a skyscraper.
    A military base.
    A hospital.
  • 3
    Which would be the best pet to have?
    A snake.
    A dog.
    A pack of wolves.
    Birds! Lots of birds!
    A Siberian tiger.
  • 4
    Time for some scenario questions! You go hunting alone in the woods and find a group of thugs. They're armed to the teeth but they haven't seen you. You are armed with a standard rifle. You...
    Hide and hope they don't see me.
    Surrender and ask to join them.
    Run away and scream.
    Hold them at gunpoint and take some of their stuff.
    Wait, they have ammo? Kill them and take the ammo!
  • 5
    You are in your base when you hear screaming for help outside. You...
    Lock the doors and stay inside.
    Grab a weapon and get out there to help!
    Look out a window and see what's going on.
  • 6
    Your partner (assuming you have one) starts complaining that he's bored. What do you say to them?
    "I am too, but we have more important things to worry about."
    I don't say anything, I just stab them. Repeatedly.
    "Let's play football!"
    "Shut up! This is an apocalypse you idiot."
    "Let's play a board game!"
  • 7
    You find an abandoned weapons armory. You can only carry one weapon. Which do you choose?
    A flamethrower! YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!
    A belt of grenades.
    A semi auto rifle.
    A shotgun.
    A bow and arrow.
  • 8
    A group of thugs invades your base. You're upstairs and they don't know you're here. What do you do?
    Ask them if they want to become a team.
    Get my firearm and confront them.
    Sneak out the window and run away.
    Let them take the food, I can find more.
  • 9
    The apocalypse is almost over! One hundred zombies remain. You...
    Life is too hard! I might as well just shoot myself...
    Stay safe and wait for them to be killed.
    Hunt them down! Finish this apocalypse!
  • 10
    Several years later, you are the mayor of your own town! The apocalypse is over and you must rebuild society. What's the first thing you do?
    Burn the town! Humanity doesn't deserve another chance!
    Set up some order of defense around the border of your town.
    Set up a way to keep citizens from misbehaving.
    Find a stable food supply for the citizens.

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