Do You Love Your Fans? A Quiz for YouTubers of All Shapes & Sizes!

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How much do you care about your fans? The result may surprise you...

  • 1
    How much do you THINK you love your fans?
    It's about me. They just watch my videos. Why are they important to me?
    All the way. I cherish every one and am thankful beyond words for them. They made me who I am today!
    I love them but don't really show it. I truly am thankful for each one.
    I am thankful for them but I'm the one pushing out content. I know they make a YouTuber who they are but I don't have time to do all that stuff.
    They are worthless and annoying. I'm the main attraction!
  • 2
    On average, how many fans do you shout out in a 5-video span (this could be on social media as well)?
    20-29 It's important to give them attention, but not too much. I don't want the false hope that they will get a shout out.
    40+ I think they deserve attention. I get loads from them, it's my job to give back.
    10-19 I try but I don't want commit to it.
    -9 It's my job to do what makes them happy, and that's producing videos. Not "shouting them out."
    30-39 I try as hard as I can to shout them out, but I still need time to make videos.
  • 3
    Quality-wise, rank your content (this says a lot about your commitment, not only to your fans but your channel as well).
    2/10 It takes too much work and time to produce a full edited video. I just upload whatever.
    6/10 I normally don't edit my videos, but people seem to like them.
    4/10 I don't give 100%, but it satisfies them.
    8/10 I try as hard as I can in order to make my fans happy, as well as keep my own mental state in mind.
    10/10 I give all I have into every video I upload. Who knows? It could be my last.
  • 4
    Say you suddenly come down with a cold. You miss a day of uploading. What do you do?
    Don't apologize. None. My fans need to understand that stuff happens. They can't always get what they want, when they want it.
    Apologize many times, but not overdoing it. Video. I feel bad but my fans are supposed to be there for me and understand what I am going through.
    Make up an excuse. Social Media or Video. I can't let my fans think I'm weak.
    Apologize only a few times. Social Media. My fans will understand. Making a whole video seems like overkill.
    Apologize extensively. Video and Social Media. My fans rely on me to make good, quality content, and by missing a day I have let them down.
  • 5
    How many people do you record with?
    20+ I record with as many people as I can! Collabs are the key!
    0 I'm the one they're watching. No one else should interfere with that.
    10-19 I record with a lot of people, but it's fun and it gets views.
    1-4 I record within a small group of friends. I don't like change or branching out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    5-9 I record with my close friends. I don't like recording with a lot of people at one time, it gets confusing.
  • 6
    How many videos do you produce each day?
    4 I upload a lot. It gets views.
    5+ I upload as many as I can. That way, my fans always have something to watch.
    1 It's a good, steady pace.
    2 I produce somewhat a lot, but it's good to keep me busy.
    0 Perfection takes time.
  • 7
    Fan art?
    Meh. They could be watching my videos instead...
    It's okay. I like seeing it but a lot can get annoying.
    Yes! I love seeing what my fans can do!
    I hate it. I want professional pieces, not crappy half-hour sketches.
    It's pretty awesome. What do my fans interpret my videos as?
  • 8
    Do you respond to comments?
    No way. Why should I?
    Yes! Every one! Even if it takes 3 hours, I respond to every comment!
    I try really hard. It's time-consuming but I'm willing to sacrifice that if it makes my fans happy.
    A few. It takes time that I could be spending making content.
    Sort of. It's really hard to be fair to everyone and if there's a lot...
  • 9
    How's your reputation among your fans?
    Not well. I have more haters than I do fans.
    I hate everyone and everyone hates me.
    Amazing! I have close to no haters and my fans love every part of me!
    Good. I have haters, but who doesn't? It's natural and my fans are wildly supportive.
    Pretty awesome. I have few haters and my fans adore me.
  • 10
    You just recently broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and are very upset. You know it will affect your videos. What do you do?
    Drop everything and get better.
    Don't say anything. Keep on uploading even if my content suffers. This is my personal battle, what could my fans do?
    I make a video. My fans deserve to know the truth. I won't upload until I'm better.
    Make a video. I will try to upload, but keep it low-key and quiet until I am happy again.
    Stop uploading until I'm good, but don't announce why. It's my life, not my fans'.
  • 11
    You get in a serious fight with a close friend that you record with frequently, and you don't know if you will become friends again. What do you tell your fans?
    "I'm sorry. We got into a disagreement and are having some rough times."
    "He/Her and I decided to take a break."
    "I think I will benefit from this..."
    "I didn't need them anyway. They were slowing me down."
    "We aren't really seeing eye-to-eye and won't be recording for a while."
  • 12
    VidCon is coming up! There is a 2-hour fan-meetup slot that you can buy for $100.
    Not really interested. That's good money in exchange for signing t-shirts and taking pictures.
    In a heartbeat! Money is a small price to pay to thank my fans in person for supporting me and my channel!
    I might consider it. $100 is a lot of money. But I am willing to take a shot.
    Hell no! I won't spend money on some stupid meet-and-greet.
    Sure. It would be nice to connect with my fans IRL.
  • 13
    What is your opinion of the following statement?
    Fame ruins a person.
    Sure. Small-time YouTubers are the best.
    No way! If anything, people get better with fame. More motivation to make quality content.
    Sort of. It can, not always. I has with a few YouTubers.
    Yes. Fame, as well a money can turn a person into an actor. They act the same in every video and never really show their true self.
    Eh. More people rely on you. That could be a good thing.
  • 14
    Love, Liberty, Laughter!
    Is this even relevant to the quiz? ~~Nope~~ making videos for the fans I love.
  • 15
    Fans are...
    Okay. Again, I'm the one making videos.
    Amazing. They love me and I love them back just as much, if not more! everything. They are what got me to where I am today and I am more than grateful for that.
    Sweet. I am grateful.
    Awesome. I couldn't be more appreciative for them.

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