RA Salvatore The Dark Elf Trilogy

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Drizzt Do'urdens journey from the majestic darkness of Menzoberrenzen to the light of the surface world

  • 1
    Which drow child is to be sacrificed to the Goddess Lolth at birth?
    3rd born son
    First born daughter
    No child is ever sacrificed to the spider queen.
    First born son
  • 2
    Drizzt is saved from sacrifice because?
    The spider queen rejected him
    His mother could not bear the sacrifice and spares him
    The second born son murders his oldest brother. Giving Drizzt the right to second son of house Do'urden
    He is the son of a God
    His father saves him
  • 3
    Drizzt has an unusual eye color. What is it?
    He is blind
  • 4
    As Drizzt grows and learns of the innate powers of his people. He perfects his fighting techniques and becomes an amazing warrior. What weapon does he choose?
    Sword and dagger
    Magic and spells
  • 5
    What other than his eyes does Drizzt have that most dark elves do not?
    The desire to overthrow his house
    The typical shock of long white hair
    Hatred for surface elves
  • 6
    As Drizzt goes into exile forsaking his wicked race, who wandered along with him in the deepest parts of the underdark for almost a decade?
    Guenhwyvar his magic black panther
    An illithid named Rachole
    Fellow dark elf Jarlaxle
    His father, and weapons master, Zacknefain
    Gromph the first house's wizard
  • 7
    Who kills his father? Thus forcing him to deny his heritage and sojourn to the surface?
    Artemis Entreri
    A powerful wizard
    An earth elemental.
    Zacknefain himself
    His mother
  • 8
    Once on the surface alone and faced with the harsh reality of his heritage, the surface fears Drizzt and is unkind to him. Who saves him from a band of orcs with his amazing bow?
    A little boy
    A surface elf
    His innate ability to levitate
  • 9
    Mooshie and what animal harmonize together in battle?
    An owl
    There is no harmony only zuel
  • 10
    Drizzt is trained by Mooshie the ways of a ranger and introduces him to what goddess of the forest?
    Lady Alustriel
    Dove Falconhand
  • 11
    Drizzt eventually manages to gain acceptance by the townsfolk for protecting the harsh and monster filled borders of what lands?
  • 12
    Who did Drizzt catch snooping on him on Kevin's Cairn?
    Aetemis Entreri the human and assassin
    A little girl named Catti-Brie
    Wulfgar the barbarian leader of the tribe of the elk
    Wizard Harkle Harple
    Tundra yeti
  • 13
    What did Brunenor Battlehammer do with Roddy McGristles dog?
    Took him home
    Fed him to a yeti
    Ate him
    Gave him to Catti-Brie

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