Does he like you? [+ date ideas if he does!]

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Well, does he! Every girl has this question in their lifetime. ATTENTION: This is quiz for crushes, NOT boyfriends.

  • 1
    Did he ever confess his love, or hinted that he likes you? Hints are: too many "accidental" hand touches, hugs, laughing at your lamest jokes, staring, blushing, etc.
    Yes, he confessed recently. (why are you taking this quiz?)
    He shows one or two hints.
    He shows multiple hints!
    Yes he confessed, but long ago (3 months +). Not sure if he still likes me.
  • 2
    Do you talk? How often?
    I've never talked to him.
    We talk, sometimes.
    We talk all the time! Every chance we get.
    We know each other, but never talk, not even greet.
    We greet each other, but that's it.
  • 3
    Do you text?
    No, I have his number, but we never text.
    Yes, everyday, for a long time, uninterrupted
    Yes, everyday, but not for so long/the convo gets interrupted
    Yeah, but only hi and how are you. Maybe some homework exchange.
    I don't have his number.
  • 4
    How did you get his number?
    I didn't. (YET!)
    I got it from a friend without asking him
    I asked him
    He gave me the number
    I asked him tons of times, and he finally gave me his number
  • 5
    When/If you text, who texts first?
    Mostly him
    We don't text/ He doesn't reply to my texts
    Mostly me, but he keeps the convo going
    Me, ALWAYS, but he keeps the convo going
    Him, ALWAYS
  • 6
    When/If you talk, who starts the dialogue?
    Him, ALWAYS
    Me, mostly
    Him, mostly
    We don't talk
    Me, ALWAYS
  • 7
    Did he ever compliment you while talking face to face/directly?
    No, never
    Yeah, face to face, few times
    Yes, in a group setting, multiple times
    Yup, face to face, multiple times
    Yes, in a group setting, few times
  • 8
    Did he ever compliment you behind your back/ while not talking face to face?
    Yes, he told his/my friends, and told them to let me know
    No, but I'm aware of his admiring looks
    Yes, to his friend, and he told them not to tell me
    Yes, he told my friends, and told them not to tell me
  • 9
    Complete this sentence:
    His friends _____.
    Do not exist.
    Consist me only.
    Hate me.
    Are people who he introduced me to.
    Are my friends!
  • 10
    Complete this sentence:
    When I'm around, his friends ____.
    Tease, nudge, and poke him
    Point at me and laugh, including him.
    Don't care.
    Are nervous, they don't like me.
    Invite me to their convo, teasing him throughout
  • 11
    Have you ever hung out?
    I asked him but he politely declined, and said another time
    Yes, with a group of friends
    I asked him, but he said heeell naw gurl
    Yes, only him and me
  • 12
    Complete this sentence:
    In a group setting, he is ____.
    Doesn't talk to me /Ignores me
    Joking and always looking at me after, checking if I laughed
    Standing/sitting close to me
    We never have a group setting like that
    Staring at me occasionally
  • 13
    In social event, do you sit together?
    If there are no seats left, yes
    Yes, always
    He asks people to move to sit next to me
    Sometimes, sure
  • 14
    Did he ever tell you any of his secrets?
    No, but we talk
    Yeah, one, generic secret
    Yeah, one secret that wasn't so generic
    We don't talk
    Tons of secrets
  • 15
    Has he ever given you a gift?
    Sometimes, but mostly on my birthday/ Christmas, etc., even when he doesn't need to buy something
    Yeah, for Christmas/ my birthday, etc., only because he had to.
    Yeah, a few times, for Christmas/ my birthday, etc., but he didn't have to
    Yeah, always, even on days that there are no celebrations
  • 16
    Does he try to keep the convo going, or stop talking/texting when there's an awkward pause?
    He usually stops
    He usually keeps the convo going
    He stops
    He keeps the convo going
    We don't talk
  • 17
    What's body language like around you?
    He sometimes grooms himself, smiles often, may cross his arms, high fives
    He crosses his arms and looks bored /We don't talk
    He smiles, blushes, hugs me, never crosses his arms, grooms himself often
    Laughs at EVERYTHING I say, blushes, hugs, smiles, seems content, tries to look macho
    Smiles, crosses arms, but doesn't look bored, high fives sometimes
  • 18
    If you ever catch him staring, or vice versa, what is his reaction?
    He looks away, blushing.
    That never happened.
    He looks away, tries to make it seem like he wasn't looking
    Keeps the eye contact for some time
    Approaches me after I/he realise/s.
  • 19
    Does he ever talk about other girls around you?
    About his crushes sometimes (none of your qualities)
    Yeah, about his fight with his girlfriend
    We don't even talk
    Yeah, about who is hot (some of them have your qualities)
    No / He only points out who he dislikes
  • 20
    Does he act super excited when you guys have something in common?
    Not excited, seems disturbed that I like the same stuff as he does.
    Yes, with sparkly puppy eyes
    We. Don't. Talk.
    Not so excited, but seems happy
    Not excited at all, but we talk about the topic for some time

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