Does he like you? (middle school)

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If you are wondering if a guy likes you or not you have come to the right place!

  • 1
    How well does he know you?
    Yes, we talk every day.
    We have talked once or twice
    He knows I exist
    Not at all:(
    We talk once in a while
  • 2
    If you drop something he-
    He looks at you and walks away
    He offers to help but doesn’t
    He doesn’t see me
    He picks it up for me and smiles
    He picks it up and walks away
  • 3
    If you say hi to him he will-
    Look at you and walk away
    Say hi and start a conversation
    Not notice you
    Say hi back
    Smile and say hi
  • 4
    If you need help with something does he help you?
    No, but he looks busy
    Yes, he is very kind to me:)
    Yes, but he doesn’t seem happy about it
  • 5
    Does he ever touch you?
    No, he looks kind of repulsed by me
    Yeah were friendly
    Yes we hold hands all the time
    Yes, but only in an inappropriate way
  • 6
    If he catches you staring at him what does he do?
    He blushes and looks away
    He looks at you back then quietly looks away
    He looks confused and looks away
    He smiles and waves
    He just looks away
  • 7
    If you complimented him what would he do?
    He would say thank you and smile/blush
    He would say thank you
    He would pretend like he didn't hear you
    He would say thank you and compliment you back
    He would look at you and then walk away
  • 8
    Do you like him?
    Yes, but I think it’s just a crush
    Ew no
    YES, I'M IN LOVE<3
    A little I guess
    Yes, he's great:)
  • 9
    If you asked him to hang out what would he do?
    Say no
    Laugh and walk away
    Say yes
    Blush and say yes
    Say maybe
  • 10
    How long have you known him?
    A over a year
    A few days
    Since we were kids
    A few months
    A couple of weeks
  • 11
    Does he show signs of liking you back?
    No, I think he hates me
    Yes, I think he definitely likes me!
    A little bit
    I think so, he gives me mixed signals
  • 12
    If you are sitting alone what does he do?
    Walk past you
    Laugh and walk past you
    Look at you and sit somewhere else
    Sit next to you and chat
    Sit next to you
  • 13
    Does he seem happier around you?
    He seems content
    No, he seems angry
    Sort of
    He’s always happy
    Yes, his smile could light up a room
  • 14
    Does he ask you questions?
    Sort of
    He’s asked me a few questions
    No, he doesn't care
    Yes, he seems to want to know all about me
  • 15
    Are his feet facing you when you talk to him?
    Yes he gives me his full attention
    No he just turns his head
    No he turns away

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