Does He Like Me Back?

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It's a question ALL girls want to know as soon as they think he might be interested. Search no further for your answers! Take this ACCURATE quiz and find out how he feels about you!

  • 1
    How often do you call/text him?
    Every single day. We talk all the time!
    We talk almost every day, but not constantly!
    We just met, so we haven't exchanged numbers yet.
    We talk occasionally... but most of the time it's about homework or something.
    We don't call/text ever.
  • 2
    Does he ever tease you?
    He NEVER teases me.
    YES! All the time! We have a blast together!
    He teases me sometimes and it's fun to do it back!
    Sometimes he teases me but it's not really funny.
    He doesn't usually tease me...
  • 3
    When you talk, what do you talk about?
    We're usually too busy teasing each other to have real conversations!
    We basically make small talk. You know, the weather, school, etc.
    We talk about a lot of stuff! I know a lot about him!
    We hardly ever talk and when we do, it's awkward.
    We talk about anything and everything! I know everything about him!
  • 4
    Who usually initiates the conversations?
    Usually him, but I initiate them sometimes too!
    I usually initiate them, but he seems okay talking to me!
    It's about 50/50. We like talking to one another equally, I guess!
    I ALWAYS initiate our conversations. It's frustrating.
    He ALWAYS initiates them! It's all he wants to do!
  • 5
    Does he seem comfortable talking to you?
    YES absolutely! We talk about EVERYTHING! Nothing is weird with us!
    He seems really, really uncomfortable talking to me a lot of the time...
    He seems kinda awkward when we talk...
    Occasionally it's a little awkward but about 90% of the time we have a lot of fun!
    Yea, totally! He never seems nervous or annoyed or anything! He seems to enjoy talking to me!
  • 6
    How often do you see him outside of school/rehearsals/practices/clubs/etc.?
    We see each other almost every day! We hang out all the time!
    We see each other pretty often but not EVERY day. We have lives of our own!
    We never hang out outside of school/sports/whatever/etc.
    We see each other occasionally but not all the time, and when we do, it's really fun!
    We hardly ever see each other outside of school/sports/etc.
  • 7
    When you hang out, who usually makes the plans?
    About 90% of the time, he's the one asking me to do stuff with him!
    It's generally me who initiates the plans!
    He always initiates the plans and asks me to do stuff with him!
    It's about 50/50. We share the plan duties!
    We don't ever hang out.
  • 8
    When you hang out, you're with...
    A few choice friends of ours to make it casual, but fun!
    No one, not even him, because we don't hang out.
    We haven't had the chance to hang out yet...
    A big group of our friends, usually. It's a lot of fun!
    No one else! We hang out alone all the time!
  • 9
    When you're at school/clubs/etc., does he make an effort to hang out with you?
    YES! He's always looking for me and picking me as his partner for things. We are inseparable!
    He never hangs out with me.
    He's with me about 90% of the time.
    He hangs out with me as much as possible but also talks to other people.
    He usually hangs out with other people or talks to other people in my presence.
  • 10
    Does he flirt with other girls around you?
    Never! He gives me his undivided attention!
    I have never seen him flirt with a girl around me, but he talks to other girls as friends!
    All the time. It sucks.
    I don't know, he's pretty friendly towards other girls...
    I mean yeah, but he just has a flirty personality...
  • 11
    Does he ever casually touch you?
    He does occasionally. It's kinda cute!
    He doesn't ALWAYS touch me, but he does it quite a bit!
    Yes! He's always playing with my hair or grabbing my wrist to get my attention or even putting his arm around me!
    He does, but very rarely.
    Nope, NEVER.
  • 12
    Have you ever...
    None of these...
    Held hands?
  • 13
    Who usually initiates hugs?
    He does. He LOVES to hug me. I never have to initiate it!
    It's about 50/50! We're TOTALLY equal!
    We never, ever hug. Ever. He doesn't touch me.
    He usually does, but sometimes it's me! Gotta give and take!
    It's pretty much always me, and it's kinda awkward when we do...
  • 14
    Does he seem comfortable touching you?
    He literally never touches me.
    He doesn't seem uncomfortable when he's touching me, but he doesn't do it ALL THE TIME.
    Absolutely! He seems to be perfectly happy touching me and does it often!
    Yeah, totally! He does it ALL THE TIME, and he seems to like it! He can't keep his hands off of me!
    He doesn't touch me a lot and seems kinda awkward when he does...
  • 15
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
    YES! All the time! And when I catch him, he blushes and looks away! It's cute! (:
    Never, EVER does he look my way. It's depressing.
    Yea, I always catch him looking at me, and when I do, he makes a silly face at me and smiles! It's so funny!
    I have no idea! I haven't really been paying attention, I guess!
    Not usually. Sometimes, though. I look at him more than he looks at me.
  • 16
    When you talk, he...
    Ignores me completely and kind of nods every once in a while.
    Makes eye contact and listens to me, but isn't always facing me.
    Listens, but doesn't usually make eye contact or face me.
    Faces me completely and makes direct eye contact, listening intently.
    Is looking somewhere else, if you know what I mean...
  • 17
    Does he often do you favors? (ex. offering you a ride home, help carrying heavy things, pay for your food/drinks)
    Yes! He offers to do stuff for me all the time! It's like he won't let me do anything on my own!
    He usually offers, but I think he's just being nice.
    He never offers me any of that stuff.
    He offers stuff all the time! It's really sweet.
    He offers sometimes, but not usually.
  • 18
    Does he compliment you often?
    He compliments me quite often, but it's usually subtle. He doesn't blatantly call me hot, but he compliments my clothes and hair and stuff!
    He compliments me sometimes, and it's really sweet.
    He doesn't ever compliment me.
    YES! All the time! He's always calling me cute or hot or gorgeous and compliments my clothes and hair and everything!
    He rarely ever compliments me. Only when I fish for compliments.
  • 19
    Has he ever mentioned not wanting a relationship for any reason?
    Nope, never! In fact he talks about wanting a girlfriend all the time!
    Come to think of it, he has brought it up before...
    He says it all the time. I don;t even know why I'm taking this quiz at this point.
    He hasn't brought it but before, but we usually don't talk about relationships.
    He's never mentioned it around me, but he doesn't talk about wanting a girlfriend.
  • 20
    Do you think he likes you?
    TOTALLY! I just want the satisfaction of hearing someone ELSE say it!
    Yea, I don't really think he does, but who knows?
    I honestly have NO idea whether or not he likes me.
    I am pretty sure he does, but I want to be certain!
    It could go either way. I'm getting mixed signals!

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