The Heroes of Olympus

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  • 1
    In book one, what were the 2 things that Jason said looked like kaleidoscopes?
    His hair and Leo's fire
    Midas's gold and Piper's jacket
    Piper's eyes and Medea's department store carpet
    Khione's eyes and Dylan's smile
  • 2
    In book 1, who was the demigod that accompanied Annabeth to "extract" Leo, Jason, and Piper?
    Clarisse, daughter of Ares
    Butch, son of Iris
    Chiron the centaur
    Will Solace, son of Apollo
    Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon
  • 3
    In book 1, what did Jason say about Leo naming his dragon Festus?
    Festus means "happy" in Latin
    It was a cute name
    That it was short for Hephaestus
    That Piper would love it
    That it sounds like a name for a giant
  • 4
    In book 2, what was the original position Frank was in for the legion?
    In love with Reyna
  • 5
    In book 2, who was the goddess that Percy carried over the Little Tiber?
  • 6
    In book 2, what did Hazel suspect about Nico?
    He might know Percy
    He also died and came back from the dead
    He had a crush on Percy
    He wasn't her brother
    He had a girlfriend
  • 7
    In book 3, what was Annabeth's quest?
    To find Arachne
    To forgive Athena
    To follow the Mark of Athena
    To find the House of Hades
    To marry Percy
  • 8
    In book 3, what was Hazel mostly concerned about?
    As Percy's girlfriend, him
    Going into flashbacks in battles
    Frank's lifeline in her pocket
    Having fun
    Saving Nico
  • 9
    In book 3, what was Arachne the spider's special talent?
    Weaving tapestries
    Climbing at a 90 degree angle
    Tying up statues
  • 10
    In book 4, who was the God who almost tortured Nico into admitting his big secret?
  • 11
    In book 4, who started teaching Hazel magic?
  • 12
    In Book 4, when the group reached the House of Hades, hoping to find Annabeth and Percy, what did they have to eat in order to resist the poison?
    Anti venom
    Hot dog water
    Barley cakes
  • 13
    In book 5, when was Gaea planning on waking?
    The Kalends of August
    The Kalends of July
    Percy's Birthday
    The first new moon of the year
    The summer solstice
  • 14
    In book 5, What was Leo's plan to defeat Gaea?
    Kill that jerk aurger Octavian so Gaea can take him where he belongs
    Fix Festus
    Sacrifice himself to defeat Gaea, hoping to survive
    Watch TV until the war was over
  • 15
    What were the last five words of the book?
    They lived happily ever after
    They soared into the unknown
    "Let's go sunshine, or else"
    And they permanently defeated Gaea

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