Harry Potter Quiz - how much are you a Potterhead?

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This is the hardest Harry Potter quiz EVER to be made! Even I struggled when I first took it; are you ready?

  • 1
    What is the name of Aragog's wife?
    Who? She never existed!
    She didn't have a name
  • 2
    Hermione Granger's wand has WHAT kind of core?
    Basilisk Fang
    Unicorn Hair
    Who's Hermione?
    Phoenix Feather
    Dragon Heartstring
  • 3
    Originally, JKR was going to have a WHAT teach at Hogwarts?
  • 4
    Who was originally going to be killed half-way through the series "out of sheer spite!"?
    The Doctor from Doctor Who
    Arthur Weasley
    Ron Weasley
    Hermione Granger
  • 5
    Originally, Hermione's last name was going to be what?
  • 6
    Are you enjoying this quiz?
  • 7
    Dumbledore is the old English word for...
    A beard
    A wandering person
    A wizard
  • 8
    Petunia was a name used in the series because....
    It was a pretty name
    JKR used the name for horrible girls when playing imaginary with her sister
    Who the heck is Petunia?
    Her worst enemy at school was called Petunia
    Her middle name is Petunia
  • 9
    Ron Weasley was originally going to:
    Swear a lot
    Snog Hermione a lot
    Be Harry's brother
    Be Harry's worst enemy
    Betray Harry and try to kill Harry and Hermione
  • 10
    Who was originally going to be killed instead of Sirius Black?
    Hermione Granger
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Arthur Weasley
    Malfoy and his Dad
    Remus Lupin
  • 11
    What is one of the phrases etched onto the gate of Harry's destroyed house in Godric's Hollow?
    We love Voldemort
    Voldemort sucks
    Who the hell is Harry Potter?
    We hate Harry Potter
  • 12
    The incantation for the Bat Bogey Hex is...
    The WHAT? What's the bat bogey hex?
    It is unknown
  • 13
    An original title for the last Harry Potter book was...?
    Harry Potter and the Dead Voldemort
    Harry Potter and the Cuddly Kittens of Hogwarts
    Harry Potter and the End of the Line
    Harry Potter and the Expected Death
    Harry Potter and the Elder Wand
  • 14
    Voldemort means "escape from death" in what language?
    Old High Galifreyan from Doctor Who
    Victorian Slang (criminal code language)
  • 15
    How many American actors have a role (bog or small) in Harry Potter?
    The actor of Harry Potter is from America
    Emma Watson looks American
    They were all American
  • 16
    Tom Felton was cast for Draco Malfoy, but what parts did he try out for?
    Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
    Crabbe and Goyle
    He wanted to play Hermione, but was the wrong gender
    He only tried out for Draco Malfoy
    Dudley Dursley and Piers Polkis
  • 17
    What final words did Severus Snape say in the BOOK of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows shortly before dying?
    Take my tears
    You have Lily's eyes
    I love you; and I've always loved Lily
    I hate you
  • 18
    When was James Potter born?
    27th March
    31st October
    2nd November
    19th February
    1st June
  • 19
    Why were Neville's parents tortured?
    Because his last name is Longbottom
    Because the prophecy said that a boy in July was the chosen one and Neville was born in July
    Because his parents stole Voldemort's nose
    Because JKR wanted them to be tortured
    Because his parents tried to kill Voldemort
  • 20
    Lily Potter was born on....
    27th July
    25th December
    9th May
    30th January
    31st March, a day after James
  • 21
    Sirius is named after what star?
    The Dog Star
    The Wizard Star
    The Black Star
    The Animal Star
    The Prison Star
  • 22
    In what order did the makers of the Marauder's map die?
    Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail, Mooney
    Mooney Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
    Padfoot, Mooney, Wormtail Prongs
    They are all still alive
  • 23
    Who first escaped Azkaban?
    Some guy in the 1200's
    Nobody has ever escaped Azkaban
    Sirius Black
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Barty Crouch
  • 24
    Hagrid's Dad died in....
    His dad didn't die - who even made this stupid quiz!
    Who's Hagrid?
    His Dad was killed by Voldemort
    The start of his second Year at Hogwarts
    When he was a baby

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