Does our Crush Like You? (For Girls Ages 10-12)

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Do you keep looking at that boy across the room, hoping against hope that he might like you? This test will give you mostly accurate results, but nothing is ever certain.

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    If you catch your crush looking at you, what does he do?

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Imaplayer102 (82597)
20 days ago
Advice, and suggestions on this situation would be EXTREMELY appreciated! I rlly badly wana have a relationship with him and take this to the next evel, but i am too shy and am not sure how. Another problem is that 2 of my best friends love him too! YIKES! Which is another reason why advice and suggestions would be extremely appreciated ty everyone and plz respond back every one of you can make a difference and your opinion always counts, ALWAYS. Don't ever forget that
Imaplayer102 (82597)
20 days ago
Btw i am 11 and he is 11, too, i think. He move to out school from California around January. I cant get over him, he is on my mind 24/7!
Imaplayer102 (82597)
20 days ago
I know a friend that has a crush on a guy named wyatt. I have a crush on someone named graham. His personality is amazing, and he is so HOT! wish me luck for everything and for the best! I wish you guys the best of luck too! :)
Emilee (94463)
29 days ago
Hey my crushes name is Wyatt and I like him but I don't know if he likes me back and I want to know if he likes me enough were we can start dating
Cool girl (04607)
46 days ago
Hey my crush name is walter he is ghe cutest boy i ever met the problem is he has a gf but i dont think he likes her becuase i neber see them kiss or hold hands or nothing that someone would do. Bit i also think tht its becuase we are only 11. The girl that he has right now is his first gf. Help me out becauss i wanna know if he likes me or not. We hang out we play soccer and we talk but i dont like to talk to him becuase i can barley talk whem im next to him i just blush.
15 Forever (06338)
118 days ago
We love each other but there is someone that separate us (because the one that separate us is someone that like me but i don't like him...)
Advice? Thanks :)
15 Forever (06338)
118 days ago
I'm 14 by the Way :p
We love each other... but there this someone that separate us...
Jello (35709)
372 days ago
Sup theres this new kid and he always talks to me and in class he would shisper stuff to me all across the 3 desks that are in between us and he always smiles at me. And he always tries to get next to me whether its in line or during break. And he always tries to make me laugh. But he has a gf and i definietly think he likes me. even not that long ago his friends said he liked me but then all of a sudden he got together with another girl is he trying to make me jealous or what.
Cool (90141)
591 days ago
Hi! I have this really cute guy that sits next to me. Hi always acts really weird like REALLY weird. He even helped another guy at the table make a lawsuit yes a LAWSUIT against me. And a secret Girl Scout thing. Can someone help me out with this. We talk a lot but how do I know he likes me because I like he. Help me out with this people plz.
Unknown (92828)
618 days ago
Hi my crush is Thomas! He is so cute can't wait to see him at school tomorrow!