If you woke up as a girl.

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A test that will test you if you like being a girl, and/or what type of girl

  • 1
    You wake, up and you feel ____
    Weird, but good.
  • 2
    You ____.
    Take a shower.
    You play with your new boobs.
    Look at your body, and study it.
    Freak out!
  • 3
    You look at your closet. Everything there is now girl clothes and/or tomboy.
    A pink skirt with a pink shirt.
    Dress with high heels.
    Jeans with t-shirt.
  • 4
    You have to pee, what do you do?
    Stare and wish to change back to a man.
    Watch as it drizzles out, and play with your boobs.
    Practice it while you can.
  • 5
    Since you're a girl now, you decide to put on make-up.
    Try to put it on, and you start to get a hang of it.
    You start to master it fast.
    You skip it, but you only put on lipstick and some eyeliner.
  • 6
    You're at school now, and everyone thinks you're a new kid.
    Flirt with the guys,
    Try to make friends?
    Or, go alone.
  • 7
    After school, you meet your friend from when you were a guy. He comes up and says "Wanna watcha movie? You pick."
    You pick 'Alien,' a horror movie he really likes.
    You pick 'Jupiter's moons.' A documentary about Jupiter and it's moons.
    You pick 'Gossip Girls' A movie you're friend doesn't like.
  • 8
    After the movie, he asks you if you want to have 'fun.'
    Hell no!
    You leave him.
  • 9
    After the 'fun,' you rest. When you wake up, you notice it's spring break. You get ready to go to the mall and shop.
    You text your boyfriend and ask if he wants to go shopping. He responds "yes."

    Maybe some new shoes?
    Or to get some new clothes.
    Ask if he wants to get coffee?
  • 10
    After the shopping spree, you head home. You find that there is a package at your door. You ______.
    Bring it inside and open it later.
    Wait till' a special occasion.
    Pick it up, and open it.
  • 11
    You open it, and it's a present from your friend from school. It's heels.
    Do you practice walking in them,
    Or study the shape.
    Save them for later?
  • 12
    After break, you go back to school, ready as ever, and you notice a lonely girl at a table, alone.
    Ask her if she wants a friend.
    Ignore her.
    Go over with your friend and compliment her.
  • 13
    After the table incident, you go to biology class. (or do you.)
    You don't really care. You go.
    Skip it, I don't want to learn about cutting animals open and looking at their organs.
    Go there, you find biology cool, and fun.
  • 14
    After school, you decide to go to the movies. You pick,
  • 15
    After the movies, you get a text from your Boy friend. He asks if he wants more fun.
    I guess.
  • 16
    You ready, and when you get to school, you see another new girl, do you ___
    Compliment her.
    Ignore her, you bastard!
    Try to make friends.
  • 17
    You go back to your place. Do you _____.
    Practice dancing with high heels and a dress.
    Or head to bed?
    Practice you're make-up skills.
  • 18
    You wake up and glad it's Saturday. You feel like getting a pet. Pick which one.
    Siberian Husky.
    Or a ferret.
  • 19
    You wake up on Sunday, and you feel motivated. You _______.
    You decide to practice to dance with high heels and dresses.
    Practice more with the make-up.
    Or, you decide to paint.
  • 20
    It's now 12:30pm, and you're bf texts you, he again asks you if you want to have 'fun.' You respond, ______
    Oh yes. I'm wet right now.
    I guess.
  • 21
    You sleep feeling good, and you have a dream where you can change back to being a man, or staying.
    Make me a girl forever! I love it!
    Please change me back!
    Let me think.

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Paul R ( 60.55 )
Posted 103 days ago
I've felt "different" since I was ten!