Does she like you as more than a friend?

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Does she have a crush on you? Is she in love?

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    Do you have each other's social media? (Facebook, Instagram, phone number, etc)
    Of course... we're friends...
    Yes, she's my best friend on snapchat.
    Yes but hardly ever communicate.
  • 2
    How well do you know each other's families?
    Her parents have introduced themselves to me.
    So well! I'm going over for dinner tonight with my family!
    I think her dad's name is Steve.
    I know her siblings and parents names.
    I don't know her family at all.
  • 3
    What relationship do you have with her friends?
    We're in separate friend groups, but often become one group.
    I know their names, but we're not friends.
    Her friends are nice to me, but tease me all the time.
    We're all in the same group!
    I don't really know her friends
  • 4
    How do you guys hang out?
    We hang out in a big group and always go off alone.
    We hung out at a party last year once.
    We hang out in a big group and sometimes talk.
    We've never hung out.
    We hang out every weekend and watch movies together.
  • 5
    If she's had a boyfriend, how much do you know about him?
    She loves him, and always rubs it in my face...
    I know all about him... she's told me everything there is to know!
    I've never heard of her having a boyfriend. Then again I don't know her very well.
    He's in our friend group and we always make fun of them.
    I know him better than I know her.
  • 6
    If you pass each other in the hallways at school, what do you do?
    Maybe make eye contact, but accidentally.
    Smile and say hi.
    Smile and say hi, and make some short small talk.
    Bitch, we're already walking together in the halls...
  • 7
    How does she feel about you?
    She doesn't know me.
    We're best friends, we love each other.
    Don't know, she is always messing around with me.
    I have no idea.
    We're friends, but I don't really know much more than that.
  • 8
    Is she out of your league?
    Yeah, probably.
    I mean, we're in the same friend group.
    I'm out of her league.
    Even if she was, she doesn't care about that stuff.
    She's way out of my league.....
  • 9
    You text her hi out of nowhere. What happens?
    She probably thinks it's for the homework
    We have a short conversation about nothing.
    We have a long conversation and talk for hours.
    We text for a bit and joke around
    I don't have her number, so I have no idea
  • 10
    If you like her, how do you show it?
    I find any excuse to hold her hand.
    I smile at her in the halls.
    I flirt but she thinks I'm joking around.
    I don't have a chance to show it at all.
    I don't like her.

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Bob xD ( 16.38 )
Posted 152 days ago
Maybeee but shut up id want her 2 know xD, Btw maybe it is tru K+A!!!
Someone :) ( 16.38 )
Posted 152 days ago
My friend should lol K+A FOREVERR
Btw k+a is the best convination everrr