How posh are you?

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  • 1
    Which of these channels would you rather watch?
    A documentary on the rich history of Scotland's castles
    Bloomberg to check stock prices
    16 and pregnant
    Piers Morgan's life stories
  • 2
    What do you do when you see a poor beggar on the street?
    I don't get out the house much anyway
    Laugh and walk by to the fancy restaurant next door
    Feel sorry for him and carry on
    Go over and give him some spare cash
  • 3
    Describe your ideal house
    A modern yet classy blend of style to relax in
    Lots artwork and maybe the odd statue
    Just somewhere to read and have quiet time
    Gold with huge TVs everywhere
  • 4
    Where would you ideally like to food shop?
    I don't really cook I can't be bothered
    Waitrose it's most expensive so it must be good
    Wherever a nearest to me
    Anywhere that has best food and value
  • 5
    A friend of your shows you their new Rolex watch and keeps talking about how expensive it is what do you do?
    Tell them it was a very nice watch yet it's not really your style
    Say it was cool but showed them your watch in return
    I don't have any friends like that
    Go and buy a better watch!
  • 6
    Where do like to go on holiday?
    I'd rather stay at home thanks
    Somewhere with nightlife and lots of sunshine
    Somewhere expensive with huge wealth eg: Dubai/Monaco
    Wherever I damn well feel like
  • 7
    Someone beats you in a competition/ race situation, what do you do?
    Don't care! Just let them win
    Accept that everyone has different strengths and they're better
    Say well done but then go home improve yourself and then go and win!
    Throw a huge tantrum and argue!
  • 8
    You have a newish phone but a new one comes out to replace it what do you do?
    Go get the new one it must be best!
    Look at the news one longingly but never buy it
    Keep the one you've got for as long as you can
    Keep the phone you've got and not waste money on something you don't even need
  • 9
    When you are with similar people to yourself in age what do they talk like?
    I don't really talk to people my age anymore
    They same your voice is really posh and you say how your great upbringing made you talk this way
    You talk the same as them
    They say your voice is really posh and you just shrug back
  • 10
    And finally do you think your posh?
    Yeah I guess I am really
    I'm no posher than anyone else
    No I'm just a bit common
    Well yeah my name's Quentin of course I'm posh!

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