Does My Crush Like Me Back?

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Do you want to know if your crush loves you? Then let me help you with this quiz

  • 1
    Are you friends with him?
  • 2
    How often do you talk to him?
  • 3
    What do you talk about?
  • 4
    Does he stare at you? How much?
  • 5
    Where does he look while talking with you?
  • 6
    Does he try to look good around you?
  • 7
    How does his friends act around you?
  • 8
    How does his friends act with him?
  • 9
    Is he single?
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 11
    Do you like him?
  • 12
    Does he act different only to you?
  • 13
    How does he act?
  • 14
    How much do you know about each other?
  • 15
    Who starts the conversation?

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emily (65107)
keira, do you live in illinois? i know a girl with the same name as you in my fifth grade
KrazyLuver (23905)
2 days ago
I hope this aint accurate. If so he just wants friends...
Amelia (56414)
2 days ago
I hope its true i love this guy and apparently he loves me back so i realy hope its true
Me On My Padded Eye (13580)
3 days ago
This made me feel happy :3
Yo girl (48716)
4 days ago
Hey! I really like this guy and I think he likes me too! The test says that he probably likes me. Let's hope that it's true lol😂
Honey McKay (39360)
4 days ago
I hope that this is true and hope this isn't fake because in mine it said he is in love with you! You should ask him out soon!
yomama (92359)
6 days ago
so I like this guy,he at least twice a day stares at my direction but I don't dare looking back so i m not sure if he is staring at me.he does nothing in the hallways. his friend(not best friend)teased me about him twice and he heared that but did nothing not even a blush or a smile! and he have a HUGE crush on a girl he buys everything for her he even asks her out and she just says she don't love him.Every girl in our class is super mad for him.but he just takes care to our group of girls consisted of four.maybe he likes my friend found in our group or he likes us as a friend or maybe,Idk
iiSarah (35094)
6 days ago
lol Keira..
And if you want to know if he likes you..
Try other 'does he like me quizzes'
and see if you get 'he loves you too thing'
and you also have to be honest with these quizzes :p
keira (55043)
7 days ago
Omg I know I keep doing this test but I just don't know I am in 5th grade and there is this really cute looking boy he always stares(but smiles to) at me and anyway m8 no way am I asking him if he likes me too should I ask him??
Laurel (63718)
7 days ago
So, there's this boy in my form named Will, he is SOOO 💗 CUTE
I think he likes me bc in Drama he was joking around with me and staring at me with this rlly cute look on his face and.. AH WHY DO I LIKE HIM SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sarah :D (54667)
9 days ago
a bit of error mistake below sorry :/
Sarah :D (54667)
9 days ago
welp..I have another thing..
lemme tell you my story..
My name is Sarah I loved my crush for two years since 2018 Is very close (so lets just say that.)
In 5th grade though..He friend zoned me.. Likeeee 💗 boi...
In the last day of 5th grade he decided to hug me but I was like nope m8. (I cried from the inside lol)
Now in sixth grade Since the boys and the girls are separated none of the girls like the boys..But my classmates call me weird bc I'm the only one in 6th grade who likes a boy.
I saw him like a month ago and like he legit took his jacket off.. It was awkward Bc he was just stoppings infront of me.
We are in the same after school I was surprised about that rlly lol It's still the first day of the after school.. when I opened the door I saw him just smiling with like his braces showing (btw me and him are the only ppl who have braces from about 200 ppl wow) But then.. I smile then closed the door and ran away.
He was saving a spot for me,I feel bad for him.
And Yesterday he invited me after school to A Christmas movie night after school..
Does he like me ;-;
Sarah :D (54667)
9 days ago
Welp he does love me..A day ago he asked me to a movie night after school..idk what to do rlly lol.
Is (55043)
10 days ago
Same as you Olivia mine has blond hair blue eyes and he looks at me like he likes me he doesn't care when I do something 💗 but heck no am I asking him if he likes me
Olivia (23083)
10 days ago
He is so perfect for me! He has blond hair and blue eyes, he's always so friendly to me! Even if I do something embarrassing he doesn't care and I think he likes me too! Sometimes the way his female cousin looks at me makes me wonder if she knows something I don't!!!
keira (55043)
11 days ago
Omg I think he like me not only he is handsome he is also the kindest boy I know Idk if it's true tho I am going to ask him I am nervous but also exited to see what he sais

Omg omg omg
keira (55043)
11 days ago
Omg he likes me
spycatgirl (06752)
15 days ago
I like my crush but its sorta complicated, the test says he likes me, so yay! idk how accurate it is tho, gonna take some more tests on different websites, -catgirl
CoolKitty101 (68571)
16 days ago
Omg I think he does like me but you should make a quiz to tell you the perfect way to ask him to prom
Lol (84943)
17 days ago
Lol I’m not asking my crush about his feelings