Ultimate Back To The Future Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Dave Hamilton - Developed on: - 28.770 taken

A test for the observant.

  • 1
    Where did Lorraine keep "Calvin's" pants while he was passed out?
    In Joey's crib
    Under her bed
    She was wearing them
    On her hope chest
    Folded on her night stand
  • 2
    What has been abolished in 2015?
    Time travel
  • 3
    What causes Clara Clayton's horse to wildly run towards the ravine?
    The sight of the Delorean
    It had yet to be tamed
    The sound of a gun shot
    It was startled by a snake
  • 4
    When Doc Brown calls Marty to ask him to bring a video camera with him to the mall, what was Marty doing?
    Playing guitar
    Making out with his girlfriend
    Watching the Honeymooners
  • 5
    When Marty jumps off the roof of Biff's hotel/casino, how does Biff end up being knocked out?
    Lorraine hits him over the head
    Biff slips and hits his head on a statue of himself
    Doc hits him with the car door
    Biff's sidekicks bust through the door and run into him
    A faulty piece of scaffolding falls on him
  • 6
    As the storm is beginning to hit, how does Marty finally get the Delorean's troublesome engine to start?
    Slamming his head into the steering wheel
    Kicking the bumper
    Hitting the flux capacitor
    Touching the car with a power line
  • 7
    Why couldn't Mad Dog Tannen settle things with Marty the next day?
    He was robbing the Pine City Stage
    He was already fighting someone else that day
    He needed his horse to get re-shoed first
    The town was having a party
    He doesn't like killing on Sundays
  • 8
    Who does Marty wave to while skateboarding behind a jeep on his way to school?
    Mr. Strickland
    An aerobics class and the driver of the jeep
    The driver of the jeep
    An aerobics class
  • 9
    How does 2015 Lorraine prepare the family's pizza?
    By sprinkling Pepsi on it
    By holding it under a special light for 5 seconds
    With extra chillies
    With a Black and Decker Hydrator
    By cutting off all the crusts
  • 10
    The large piece of machinery in Doc's 1885 workshop was successful in making what?
    Ice cubes
    Shredded cheese

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