Which Preachers Daughter Are You?

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Preachers Daughters went from a drab documentary to a fun TV show with a great group of girls. However, all of them have a flaw that may get them kicked out of Cabo. Which Preachers Daughter are you most like?

Note: Lolly is not included because she's crazy and I seriously doubt anybody is truly similar to her. Lolly is Lolly, and you are not Lolly.

  • 1
    What is your general view on the world?
    Honestly, the world is not a good place. If you want something, you have to manipulate other people to get it. Making friends is important, but everyone is a little bit shallow. Seeming perfect is what I strive for.
    Life is all about family, friends, love and allowing the Lord to work through you. I don't believe people of any age should participate in drinking, drugs, or partying. I also don't believe in premarital sex.
    Constant improvement is a good thing. I often have to work on my temper, but when I feel like socializing or working, I can really be a cool person to be around.
    Bad things are going to happen sometimes, but it's important to have the right family and friends to help you through them. Becoming the person you want to be involves self-acceptance.
    My life consists of good times and positivity. When times get rough, you need to buckle through them. It's important to avoid pessimistic people and to have a good time whenever you can.
  • 2
    What would you be doing on a Friday night?
    Having a small get together with a few friends and some alcohol.
    Doing charity work, studying, or attending mass.
    Attending all of the hottest parties.
    Curling up with my loved ones.
    On a fun, flirty date.
  • 3
    What would you wear out?
    A crop top, booty shorts, and a headband.
    A v-neck, flip flops, and some ripped shorts.
    Big hoops and a decorative tank top.
    An updo with a conservative blouse.
    Anything. I'm still equally awesome in glasses and a baggy t-shirt!
  • 4
    What does your favorite swimsuit look like?
    Something cute that goes with my hair and outfit- I like to look presentable when I'm getting my flirt on.
    Something bright and simple, but not too revealing.
    A classic, form-fitting two piece that makes my boobs look amazing!
    A fun. colorful, revealing bikini to show how fun I am!
    Something cute but secure- you never know when I might start twerking or punch a bitch in the face.
  • 5
    How do you act when you're mad?
    I try to avoid negative people and circumstances. After I fight with someone, I get over it like five minutes later because, what's the point?
    Hold my earrings.
    I like to talk to the people around me to reach a consensus.
    I don't lash out- I get quiet. But when I do snap, people know there is something seriously wrong.
    I may have a hard exterior, but I'm actually pretty sensitive. I get upset for a little bit, but later I focus on how to get them back.
  • 6
    Which of these describes your teenage life?
    Confronting anger issues.
    Pleasing God and my parents, but not myself.
    Learning to deal with dramatic people through positivity,
    Partying with the wrong people.
    Overcoming obstacles.
  • 7
    What's your take on dating?
    Boys are more of a problem than a solution, but they can still be fun.
    I'm waiting for a good natured guy to come along.
    Boys are fun to get to know and party with. I'm goofy and flirty, so I naturally attract a lot of guys.
    Boys are for marriage, otherwise, I can get sidetracked.
    Boys are hot. When I find one I like, I may act out to please him.
  • 8
    Which song best describes you?
    "Die Young"- Kesha
    "All Summer Long"- Kid Rock
    "Just the Way You Are"- Bruno Mars
    "Dark Horse"- Katy Perry
    "Viva la Vida"- Coldplay
  • 9
    Which party girl are you?
    The one flirting with sexy boys.
    The one hanging with some cool girls. Boys gravitate to me because I'm a goofball.
    The one having a meaningful conversation with some girls in a corner.
    The one singled off somewhere, having a deep conversation with a smart guy.
    The one twerking or telling off a creepy guy.
  • 10
    What's your usual work style?
    I like to do my job on my own and avoid other people.
    I always like to make myself productive in some way, although I may not get things done in time.
    Get the job done the way the boss wants it done, no matter what the cost.
    I always like to be working, but if someone isn't cooperating, I'll be the first to say something.
    I'm the one who ends up with the dirty job, but I'll always try to make things fun!
  • 11
    How do you act when you don't like someone?
    I'm overly forgiving.
    I'm compassionate.
    I'm avoidant.
    I'm vengeful.
    I'm blunt.
  • 12
    What's your flirting style?
    I'm not much of a flirt. I feel like if I meet someone I like, I won't have to flirt.
    I like to test their spirituality with deep conversation.
    A nice mixture of goofing around and intelligent conversation.
    I'm physical, feminine, and very flirty.
    I stay sort of cold for a little bit, until I open up when I know him better.

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