All The Bright Places: Jennifer Niven Quiz

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  • 1
    Why was Violet at the top of the bell tower?
    She was asked to clean up the garbage of other students as punishment
    To try to jump off the building, and commit suicide
    Because she needed to get a couple of things for her teacher up there
    She lost her homework up there, and was searching for it
    She was vandalizing the top of the school with spray paint
  • 2
    Who stopped Violet from jumping and what were they doing up there?
    Finch stopped her from jumping, but he was also considering jumping himself
    Her boyfriend Ryan was looking for her after class and found her, and stopped her from jumping
    A teacher saw her from ground level and rushed up to see what was going on
    A janitor was cleaning up the tower, stopped her and sent her to the Principal's Office
    The school's guidance counselor was warned she would jump the building and he stopped her before she could
  • 3
    What were Finch and Violet assigned to do for their class project?
    To "wander" around their state and find/document important state landmarks
    To conduct an experiment for their Science Fair project
    To make a presentation on the history of dance culture
    To create an essay based on each other's personality
  • 4
    Why did Violet want to end her own life?
    She was being bullied by everyone at school
    Her sister had died in a car accident 9 months ago and she still was depressed
    Her best friend died that past summer
    Her mom and dad separated at a young age and she missed them
  • 5
    During their "wanderings" what did Finch decide he and Violet would do at each landmark?
    Take a souvenir from each stop to show to their teacher
    Try one new food from each stop
    Take a picture and send away a postcard
    Stay the night at each stop and record their findings
    Leave a souvenir from going there, instead of taking something
  • 6
    Why did Violet's parents ban Finch from seeing her again?
    He went on a wandering with Violet and they accidentally fell asleep and Violet's parents thought something happened to her like her sister that died
    He made Violet skip class and her grades began to go down
    He made a bad impression on her parents and stole from her house
    He started a fight with her brother at school the day before
  • 7
    Why did Finch get expelled from school?
    Violet's ex-boyfriend was punching him so he beat him and his friend up
    He trashed the Principle's car
    He started a riot in the cafeteria and broke out into a food fight
    He missed so much school and had really low grades so they kicked him out
    He brought a gun to school and the police were called
  • 8
    Why did Finch go M.I.A after his expulsion?
    His parents moved to another state with him
    Violet told him something that hurt his feelings and he decided to pick up and leave
    He transferred to another school across town and didn't say anything
    He stayed away from Violet as her parents told him to
    He was taken to the detention hall for a short period of time
  • 9
    After Finch was gone for more than 2 months without any contact with Violet or his family what did he leave for Violet and his sister?
    A letter explaining where he was and a book
    The address to the place he was staying at so they could visit
    His new phone number to call where he was
    An email encoded with a poem describing his life and why he is gone and a letter for Violet about where he was
  • 10
    After Violet found the last place where Finch wandered to without her what did she find?
    A gift with a letter and Finch waiting beside it
    She found Finch waiting for her with his suit case ready to go home
    A note saying where he was and how to find him
    His clothes folded nicely beside a deep pond, his phone, and a letter for her; along with his dead body under the water where he committed suicide

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