What Hogwarts house would you be in?

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Have you ever wondered what Hogwarts house you would be in if you were a witch or a wizard? Well, take this quiz to enter the fascinating journey across platform 9 3/4 into Hogwarts where you will be sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin!

  • 1
    What book would you buy from Flourish and Bolts?
    Hogwarts a History
    The History of Mud-bloods
    Fighting Against the Dark Arts
    How to care for Unicorns
  • 2
    What color would you describe yourself as?
    Silver, Different
    Black, Underestimated
    Bronze, Just peachy
    Gold, Precious
  • 3
    Leader or Follower?
    My friends say that I am like a leader, I stay modest and say that I can only lead with their help.
    I'm the leader and I'm proud of it!
    I guess I'm a follower, I try not to make any enemies. I am loyal in and out.
    Follower, I have the logic on the team. I often prevent the others from doing stupid things.
  • 4
    You encounter Voldemort, what do you do first?
    Tell my friends that it is my turn to fight, and bring all of them to safety. Go out and risk losing everything.
    Fight, duh, I could use all of my awesome spell work to attack!
    Make sure that all of my friends are ok!
    Think of a logical explanation of how all of this started, and practice my defensive spells in a corner.
  • 5
    You find a treasure chest, which thing do you look at first?
    The ancient parchment
    The silver key
    The fancy mirror
    The golden gem
  • 6
    What two qualities are most important to you?
    Ambition, slyness
    Cleverness, wisdom
    Bravery, riskiness
    Loyal, patience
  • 7
    Your house is starting to burn down and everything and everyone you care about is inside, what do you save first?
    The ancient book, covered in dust, maybe a crossword puzzle
    My friends and family, and my house pet!
    The sword of whoever the founder of my house is!
    Myself, then run!
  • 8
    Which class would you be most eager to take?
    Arithmacy, or Ancient Runes
    Idk, quidditch so I can knock out an opponent, blah
    Care for magical creatures!
    Defense against the Dart Arts
  • 9
    A million dementors are surrounding your friends by the Forbidden Forest. You are safe inside your dorm, but you know that if you leave your friends, they will be kissed by the dementors! What do you do?
    Um, just approach them, EXPECTO PATRONUM! One of the easiest spells I know.
    I would go out and fight them hand to hand!
    Uh, I would go, but I am afraid of dementors. So, I would call a professor a ask them to fight them
    I would leave my friends to rot. Who needs them!
  • 10
    The quiz is almost over, what did you think?
    The quiz was fine, now, I can get back to playing my adventure video game! Capoosh! take that you dirt face! pooh here we go with another zombie...
    Ehh, now, where was i, oh yeah I was fighting with my sibling!
    It was great, now I can go and pet my pet kitty cat!
    It was good, but it could have been a bit more logical. Anyway, now I can get back to my book!

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