What Subculture Are You?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Anastasia Bloom - Developed on: - 7.718 taken

Ever wondered what subculture you are? Or if you are one at all? Punk, goth, emo, scene, or normal? Find out here today.

  • 1
    When do you wear makeup?
    Every morning then I wait for it to drip off my face.
    Everyday, even on the weekends when I'm alone.(so I can take lots of selfies!)
    Everyday and night all the time.
    Whenever I feel like it, or only for special occasions.
    A little everyday, but when I go to a rock concert It's on like nobodies business!
  • 2
    What color Is your makeup mostly?
    All the colors of the rainbow so it matches my hair!
    Natural browns, or sometimes I'll experiment with other colors for fun.
    Black, grey, and sometimes I'll throw in other colors.
    Black, purple, Sometimes blue, red. Just dark colors.
    BLACK all the way.
  • 3
    Mostly your hairstyle consists of?
    Side swept bangs that are all the same length and the rest is short or super long.
    All the same length all way round or some parts are shaved and up in different styles.
    Meh, it's a pretty average haircut, nothing super particular about it.
    I have some layered bangs and the rest is either in large layers of all the same length.
    Long shaggy bangs that cover at least one eye if not both, and the rest is pretty short.
  • 4
    Currently your hair is what color(s)?
    Black, or red, or blue, or some other weird color, or a combination of at least two.
    My natural hair color. I don't typically dye it.
    All the colors of he rainbow! or at least 3+.
    Black or dark brown. Maybe red. or some highlights here and there.
  • 5
    Your everyday outfit consists of...
    Cute skirts/pants. Colorful tights, matching jackets or shoes. it all matches:)
    Some leather here and there. combat boots, sometimes a bad T-shirt. skinny jeans.
    A dark colored hoodie. a band T-shirt. skinny jeans. converse all star shoes. Mostly dark colors.
    Lots of chains, studs, spikes, or leather. Tights, black clothes, black boots.
    Whatever is in my closet, I don't spend much time on coordination.
  • 6
    Any special accessories?
    Leather whatever, something with spikes. I don't really care.
    A purse or nothing.
    Fake or real glasses. sometimes I'll wear contacts. lots of rubber bracelets or a dog tag or dog collar. the chain on my wallet.
    Lots of bracelets with spikes or studs. contacts that change my eye color.
    Adorable purses/whatever else matches.
  • 7
    Thoughts on piercings?
    Can't have enough! must have gauges!
    Mostly on my ears with maybe one lip piercing.
    One or two is enough for me thanks.
    That's what ears and lips are for!
    Some here and there.
  • 8
    Do you ever wear clothes made for the other gender?
    No, not typically.
    Only sometimes.
    Shoes maybe that's it.
    Nope, I's my gender unless it's my boyfriend's jacket;p
    ? what? why would I do that?
  • 9
    You like to spend your free time doing....
    Blasting music and reading sad books.
    Listening to my music or the radio, social media, music videos.
    I don't really think about it I just do whatever.
    Listen to my music and go out with friends, taking selfies!
    Blasting music and writing poems, songs, drawing, or whatever themed with death.
  • 10
    Do you get offended easily?
    No, I usually just make a big come back.
    Yes that's why corners are my best friend.
    Only if someone tries to make a joke involving or my clothes or whatever.
    If it's about my music or my hair hell yeah!
    No, I friends with everyone so there's no reason too.

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