Just Friends or More than That?

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    Be completely honest, what represents you two?
    Bacon and Ice Cream (As delicious as it sounds, this isn't "Good")
    Chalk and Cheese
    Cheese and Crackers
    Apples and Oranges
    Red and Blue / Black and White
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    Let's say you guys become a couple, what would you do for your anniversary?
    Meh. I'll tell her I caught smallpox. She'll believe it.
    It's our anniversary?
    Fancy dinner, romantic movie.
    Don't overdo it, but maybe a few movies. Dinner. Hang out.
    Romantic evening, don't care about money. Tonight it's about us.
  • 3
    How often do you talk?
    We usually only talk when we have too.
    All the time. Everyday.
    Very often. We're good friends.
    We try to talk, but never find the chance. Or maybe it's me who tries.
    I always avoid her. Or vice versa, I dunno.
  • 4
    How often do you think about her?
    Often. Maybe 4 times a week or up.
    Not a lot, I'm usually busy or distracted.
    All the time. At least a few times everyday.
  • 5
    What does she think about you?
    She doesn't. I know that.
    I'm certain I've crossed her mind decently often.
    I don't know.
    I can tell she thinks about me too.
    She probably doesn't. I hope I'm wrong though.
  • 6
    Why do you find her attractive?
    I like her because she's hot.
    I forgot what she looks like...
    She's cute, and her personality is great. She's a fun person.
    She's okay, she pretty I guess.
    Everything in general.
  • 7
    Ever caught her staring at you?
    No, but I've heard rumors.
    A few times. I barely ever catch her though.
    Yes. All the time. She doesn't look away.
    Many times actually. When she notices I spotted her, she looks away.
    Barely, she's probably staring at how ugly I am.:(
  • 8
    How many of these types of quizzes have you taken in the last hours? Be honest.
    First one I've taken.
    Around 6-7.
    I lost count.
    Maybe like 10 or something.
    A couple.
  • 9
    Last question, why'd you take this quiz?
    I had hoped these tests will help me improve my love life.
    For fun. I love these quizzes.
    I needed an opinion from somebody else.
    To make myself feel good about myself.
    To brag about it or show my friends.
  • 10
    HA! Tricked you, this is the last question.
    You mother fucking son of a bitch. xD
    Can I just see how I did please?
    LOL MLG ROFLCOPTER69 BOY! *coughs* Okay, I'm good now.
    Hah hah, show me my fucking results.
    Ooooh! Sneaky sneaky.

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