Which Death Note character are you most like?

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    You are given a group task to do. What do you do?
    Delegate leadership to someone else so you can sit back and watch the task being completed by your group
    Assign roles to your group and take leadership
    Enthusiastically delve straight into the task at hand
    Think about all the possibilities that can be conducted with the task at hand at first, then second guess yourself
  • 2
    What would your friends describe you as?
    Loyal - you are always there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on
    The one that is passionate and ambitious
    The class clown - you are always there to cheer everyone up
    The one that everyone always comes to for advice
  • 3
    What career do you feel you would perform best in?
    Executive businessperson
  • 4
    You create a revision timetable/daily schedule, how likely are you to stick to it?
    I prefer flexibility and to keep my options open so I refuse to create a schedule
    I will create a schedule but change it as needs present themselves
    I love being organised so I will stick to it fully
    I will create a timetable and follow it for a few days but may go off track and not stick to it after this time
  • 5
    How do you make your decisions?
    On the information in front of me and how it will affect me and others around me
    I don't make decisions - whatever happens will happen
    My gut feeling and focused on closed-minded ideas
    My gut feeling and focused on a variety of ideas
  • 6
    You've been invited to a party. What are you likely to do?
    Attend and stand by the edge of the room, watching the chaos unfold
    Attend with a few close friends and get to know mutual friends
    Become the centre of the party and liven it up - suggesting plenty of shots and beer pong!
    Not attend - I have far better things to do with my time
  • 7
    You have a deadline for an essay that is to be handed in tomorrow and you haven't even started. What do you do?
    Plan my time carefully and stick to my schedule, working throughout the night if that is what it takes
    Hang out with friends and then rush throughout the night
    Distract yourself with more entertaining things before getting started on the work later
    Start working on the essay but constantly distract yourself with more interesting things to procrastinate
  • 8
    A child approaches you asking for money. He's a criminal due to his poor background and you are one of a select few that know this.
    I don't bat an eyelid. I give him the money and walk away, I don't care if he is a criminal
    He doesn't deserve money from me as he is a criminal, regardless of his situation
    Give him the money and try to help improve his health and standard of living too by voluntary work
    I will only give him as much as I would usually give someone, nothing more or less.
  • 9
    Your teammate is trapped in a building surrounded by zombies. If this teammate is bitten, they will die but you have always wanted to know how this occurs and you now have the opportunity to watch.
    I would get right in there and try to save my teammate, acting on impulse.
    I will use the same approach as I have done before to get him out of this tricky situation.
    I will examine all my options before choosing one to save my teammate.
    I would watch my teammate die for the entertainment. I was never close to him anyway. Better them than me.
    I would sacrifice my teammate. I may never get an opportunity like this and it may save the world.
  • 10
    What describes you best?
    I like exploring new ideas and I like order.
    I can be rather impersonal but I like to go with my gut feeling and be spontaneous
    I like to keep to myself, exploring new ideas and I prefer logic over feeling
    I gain energy from social interaction, preferring specific instructions and I am sympathetic to those around me

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