Are you ready to own a horse?

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Owning a pony or horse is a BIG responsibility. Use this test to decide if you have the knowledge and determination required.

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    Do you get up early in the mornings?
    Always, bright and early!
    Not very often I like to sleep in as late as I can
    Never really, love sleeping:)
    Occasionally, depends on my mood etc
    Sometimes, if I have to I will
  • 2
    Do you have any experience looking after any animals previously/currently?
    Yes! Love pets and have at least one currently, who I really work hard to look after.
    I have fish/birds
    Used to previously
    Yeh, I have a rodent/cat
    No not really:( Never had anything!
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    Do you know where you would keep your horse?
    At the local livery yard, we can afford it easily and I can visit often.
    In a nearby field/friends house that I've found I think will be fine
    At home of course, we have plenty of space and stables.
    No clue! Have no where I can think of but somewhere might pop up soon
    Not sure but maybe a far away livery yard? Money will be tight and I won't be able to visit very often
  • 4
    Your horse suddenly gets a nosebleed when you get back from a tiring ride. It isn't much blood and there is nobody around. What do you do?
    Worry slightly but ring your friend and they will hopefully know what to do.
    Keep calm and cool the horse off. It is probably exercise induced.
    Panic and rush the horse to a vets quickly. A trickle of blood can be fatal!
    It's not much blood and horses often have nosebleeds. Cool the horse off and wipe it's nose, check the bleeding has stopped. A one off is fine but you'll raise the issue if it occurs again.
    Wipe it up and call the vet, just in case.
  • 5
    Your horse does not usually buck but suddenly one day he begins bucking frantically whilst you are riding. What do you do? Why?
    Hold on tight - you're in for a bumpy ride!
    Something he's eaten may be bad for him so just get off and walk him home
    Move location, something around him is probably upsetting him
    Give him a smack for being naughty and push on
    Get off and check his tack, saddle pad and girth - a thorn could be stuck under it or something could be pinching
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    It's quite a chilly spring day and you've just got back from your ride. Your horse has worked hard and is really hot and sweaty. When you get back (other than feed untack etc) what do you do?
    Turn the horse out with no rug for the night - it will be way to hot!
    Put the outdoor rug on to keep the cold out.
    Walk the horse around to cool off then put a light sweat rug on. When the horse is back to it's normal temperature put it's thicker fleece or outdoor rug on.
    Wash the horse so the sweat doesn't stay and chuck a woolly fleece on
    Dry the horse with towels and leave it in the yard to cool off with the wind with no rug on.
  • 7
    What 3 words best describe you as a person?
    {BE HONEST!}
    Outgoing, Loud, Fun
    Honest, Willing, Easygoing
    Shy, quiet, intelligent
    Patient, Hardworking, Determined
    Cheerful, bubbly, excitable
  • 8
    Have you ever ridden before?
    Yeh, quite a bit and I'm quite confident now
    Of course! All my life! Very confident rider
    A little bit occasionally at fun fairs etc
    Under a year but I'm a fast learner and ready to move on
    No not really just like horses
  • 9
    Ragwort is a well known poisonous plant for horses. But when is it most deadly?
    When it has animal urine on it
    When the horse treads on it before eating it
    When in hay, as it's dried the poison comes out more.
    When through a lawn mower because of bad oils.
    When it is a large fully grown plant in summer, because of the nectar content.
  • 10
    When talking about horseboxes, what is a 'Front Unload'?
    When a horsebox has a handy storage box at the front
    Where the horse can be unloaded from the front of the horsebox.
    When the horse is good at loading into a horsebox
    When the horse doesn't load well
    Where the horse can be put in the horsebox backwards
  • 11
    Which of these is NOT a horse colour?
    Seal Brown
    Blue Roan
  • 12
    If you're going to buy a jumping horse, which of the breeds below would be best suited to the job?
    A Lipzanner - pretty, smart and lovely paces!
    A Holsteiner or Hanoverian - Intelligent, careful, willing and sure footed
    A Welsh pony - scopey, talented and cute
    A Thoroughbred - quick, fast and buzzing
    A Shire - Big, able and strong
  • 13
    How old does a horse/pony normally live to?

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