What Horror Movie Should You Watch?

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Usually the results suggest you watch the most well-known old classics all horror buffs have already seen. So these options you may have never heard of.

  • 1
    First off, how long do you have to watch the movie?
    Not that long, but I can always pause and come back
    I got all night
    Like, a normal movie-watching amount of time?
    On the long-ish side/ I have nothing else going on, so....
    On the short-ish side
  • 2
    How important is immersion to you while you are watching? (AKA, turning all the lights off, getting in the mood, et cetera)
    Pretty important but if I need to pause to calm down I will
    Very dang important
    I don't care that much
    Um, I'd like to keep the lights on, thanks...
  • 3
    Are old horror movies okay or do you want to watch something on the newer side?
    Like whatever is the least scary works fine... older?
    It don't matter I just want maximum horror
    Old movies are great, especially classics
    I'd prefer a movie on the newer side but idc whatever has a timeless quality
    Well, new movies are usually scarier, so.... I'm gonna go with new
  • 4
    How much past experience do you have with horror movies?
    I've basically seen it all
    Why is this relevant?
    Moderate; I'm not a fanatic but my fair share
    Basically none
    A pretty impressive amount
  • 5
    Gore and/or jumpscares?
    Not too much, thanks, but some is okay
    Um I guess that's fine..
    Whatever fits the story I don't care that much
  • 6
    What about suspense? Do you want a smart thriller or more of a blood fest?
    I'm mind-numbing gore/blood obsessed don't make me think tonight I just want a good scare
    I'm tired of all gore no plot, bring me a really clever plot
    Umm I don't know nothing too suspenseful OR bloody
    Both categories are welcome if they can be balanced well
  • 7
    How comfortable are you with adult components (like drugs, sexual themes, etc.)?
    I don't care
    Keeping it family-friendly
    Pretty comfortable
    Very comfortable bring it on
    Eh I don't really mind, but I'm in the mood for something more appropriate
  • 8
    Are other people there to watch it with you?
    Yup, it's a party!
    Yes, I always prefer to watch scary things with company (and light. And the phone near me.)
    No. Expect... what was that behind me?
    Yeah, like one or two
    Nope, I'm alone
  • 9
    What horror elements/themes are you in the mood for?
    Much gore. I don't care what else.
    Supernatural things.
    Science fiction or suspense.
    All the things here COMBINED would be cool!
    Like... comedy? Happiness?
  • 10
    Last question! This is anti-climatic, but how much overall horror are you in the mood for?
    Like lots
    In the middle of the spectrum
    A large amount. Isn't that the point? I don't want to watch the Spongebob Movie.

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