What Minecraft Mob are you?

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10 Questions - Developed by: John Gabriel Mercado - Developed on: - 4.158 taken

This quiz shows your "Mob" personality. Test yourself big "Mob" experience!

  • 1
    If you saw another player, What will you do?
    Explode their house with TNT!
    Stare at them and don't attack.
    If he attacked, fight him back!
    Trade with him using emeralds.
  • 2
    If you're chopping wood, What will be your way to chop wood?
    Mine it with emeralds.
    Destroy it with hands.
    Put TNT and explode to get wood!
    Destroy it using a sword.
  • 3
    You're going to a cave full of other mobs. What way you'll fight and mine?
    Attack them and mine ores with hands.
    Avoid those mobs and mine ores.
    If those mobs attack, Fight them with a sword and mine with a sword!
    Put TNT everywhere to destroy mobs and ores!
  • 4
    You're going to a village to find area to stay and find items in chests, But there's a lot of villagers, What way you'll get in the area?
    Fight villagers to get into the village!
    Explode villagers with TNT!
    Walk normally to get there.
    Trade with them to get into the village.
  • 5
    You're going to the server and play PVP, What way you fight?
    Talk instead of fighting.
    Fight with hands.
    Put TNT everywhere to destroy opponents!
    Fight them with sword and a bow and arrow!
  • 6
    You're building your house, But you don't have a lot of things, Where you'll get items?
    Chop wood and interact with pigs.
    Destroy mobs and animals!
    Trade villagers for items.
    Explode the world with TNT to get wood and stone!
  • 7
    You found a piece of emerald ore, What way you'll destroy the emerald?
    Mine it with a pickaxe.
    Mine with hands.
    Mine with sword.
    Destroy it with TNT!
  • 8
    You found yourself lost in a world. What way you'll get back to where you came from?
    Try to use block paths.
    Use a map.
    Put spider eyes as track items.
    Use TNT as paths. Just don't light it and explode it!
  • 9
    You're in a world made in creative mode. What will you do with that world?
    Destroy the whole world with TNT!
    Destroy the mobs in the world with a sword!
    Spawn a lot of villager using spawn eggs.
    Go to a Pig Stables if there's one in the world.
  • 10
    You're gonna fight the Ender Dragon. What way you'll attack it?
    Fight it with a sword if it attacks to you.
    Destroy it using TNT!
    Avoid it's attack.
    Spawn a army of villagers to destroy it.

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Kitty girl 590 ( 1.133 )
Posted 281 days ago
Wow I was a pig XD LOL