Does he like you, or love you!

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    Do you ever find him staring, or looking at you? (Honesty is the key!)
    Not a lot... Once in a while 😁
    Yeah, a lot! But not ALL the time 😀
    Yeah! ALL the time! 😆
    Yes, he stares at me a lot, but only because he thinks I'm insane, or ugly 😔
    No, I've never seen him look at me, or stare 😞
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    Does he like to talk to you? Does he chat with you in the hall, or in class?
    We talk sometimes, really only if we are partners or something 😁
    He only talks to me to tell me I'm weird..... Umm... 😳
    Yes! We talk a lot haha! 😆 (he's so hot hehehe)
    We really never talk.... 😒
    Yeah we talk 😀
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    Does he ever compliment you? Like "You look nice today" of like "wow your a good artist" (or anything like that)
    We really don't talk.... I told you in the last question!
    YES! He's always saying I'm pretty, and sweet hehe 😊
    Yeah, he says I am really good at art, (or sports, stuff like that) 😛
    He said I had a cool shoes one time!... Heh..heh 😅
    The nicest thing he's ever said to me was "you're not as ugly as I thought"
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    (Ok now we get more serious) Is he nice to you? If he's not, he might not like you, or he's not the right guy for you!
    Gee, how am I supposed to know if we DON'T TALK?
    He's really nice! He's a great friend 😄
    He always teases me, but in a fun way 👍
    Yeah! He's the sweetest guy I know ☺️
    He teases me... But not in a fun way... 😕
  • 5
    Does he touch you? (NOT in an strange way people! Don't freak out!) I mean like nudge you, or lean again at you.
    Oh he nudged me alright! Right down the stair case! 😵
    He likes to walk with his shoulder against mine 😆
    He never TALKS TO ME, let alone TOUCH ME!
    He really only touches me to tap me on the back, or high five me 😐
    Yeah... He "accidentaly" bumbs into me, and makes excuses for touching me hand 😍
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    Do you think he might like another girl? Be honest!
    He likes, like, every girl except for me!
    #TylerOakleyMoment - I can't even, I am not able to even - he probably does because he doesn't know ME 😭😤
    He has a lot of friends, a lot of them are girls but I don't think he's really interested in any of them 👍
    No! He undoubtedly likes me! He might even love me! 😊
    He always chats with this ONE GIRL WHO I WANT TO MURDER IN HER SLEEP! Uhhmm.. I meant he talks to this one girl that he seems to like but idk... Heh..heh.. 💁🔫😈
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    Does he know the way you feel about him? If he does, it might change the way he feels about you! 😉
    No. Just no.
    He knows, it really doesn't seem to bother him! Yay! 😄
    If he knew he'd KILL ME!.... Or himself... Eesh 😟
    He knows... He seems a little more awkward than before, but not too much 😁
    Yeah, he knows! He probably likes me back! I don't even know WHY I took this quiz! 😍😍
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    Does he ever rush to sit next to you, or be your partner? Honesty!
    If we have to work with the opposition gender, he'll ask me to work with him 😛
    On the bus we sit near each other so that he can tell me his plans to kill me!😭
    He often asks of I want to work with him 😆😆😄
    Um YES! This one time he trampled his friends to sit next to me ☺️😍😆
    Figure it out yourself buddy.
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    Can he be himself around you? His insane, crazy, or even disturbing self?.... 😳 Of he can't be himself around you, that is a sign of insecurity, and probably shows that he doesn't like you that much...
    Of course! We joke ALL DA TIME about who can make the weirdest face haha 👌❤️
    Yeah I guess... Sometimes he tries to show off... I hope he isn't insecure!
    Oh, he's disturbing all right! You should know... 😁
    Yeah he's pretty weird but I love it heheh 💓
    👉👂👀👂👈 Sorry can't here you, what!
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    Last of all, has he ever written you a note? BE HONEST! Please 😭!
    Yes! They are so sweet and cute! I love them AH 😍😊😊
    Haha he writes me these funny little notes, and puts them in my locker
    He wrote me a note saying to meet him at the water fountain so that he could give me a B day gift once! Yay 😏
    He wrote me a note once... It was a death wish... 😕
    This is you: 💩

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