The Best Zombie Survival Test

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I've seen plenty of zombie survival test/quiz out there and there hasn't been a realistic one or one with common sense out there. Everyone has their own opinion on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. I hope I can bring the most realistic test based on my weapons, survival, and common sense knowledge to the table about zombie survival and realistic options of what people would do or go when a zombie apocalypse happens.

  • 1
    How well are you prepared for a zombie outbreak?
    I have guns, lots of ammo, food, emergency kit, and transportation.
    No gun, moderate food, and an old vehicle
    No gun, no food, no ride.
    I have a gun, little ammo, no food but can get some, and low on gas for my ride
  • 2
    You see on the news of a zombie outbreak, what are your plans?
    Bolt out the door immediately and find a rescue shelter or head to a military base and plead for help
    Gather up my essentials/weapons/family or friends and head out to get any other supplies cautiously then head to a trustworthy friend who lives in the country/mountains
    Grab my guns, snacks, and nothing else. Traveling light and find a way to survive with or without others.
    Barricade my home and defend like crazy with or without family/friends
  • 3
    You are low in supplies/food and you come across a store that potentially have what you need but many zombies are roaming right outside of it and a few are scattered inside. How do you approach?
    You or someone (if you're in a group) distracts the zombies one way and the rest goes in to take supplies or you alone will sprint back to gather minimal supplies/food quickly.
    You approach it by guns blazing and taking the store by name! It will be a bit hard fought.
    You pass by and hope to find a store that doesn't have zombies.
    Tactically, quiet, and unseen and the same way out.
  • 4
    No matter where you decide to set up your base, how would you set it up?
    I will have constant look outs as others rest or be vigilant at all times
    Barricade the windows and block the doors
    As long as I stay quiet and unseen then I don't need to do anything. Less activity, less detection.
    Set up a 360 perimeter with ropes and bells to detect zombies as you rest.
  • 5
    A group of survivors approach you. They seem friendly but something doesn't seem right. How do you handle yourself?
    Welcome them with open arms and share what you have.
    Ignore the group and proceed on with your way
    Try to kill or harm them for supplies even though you might fail to do so
    Be extremely cautious and keep a good distance while being ready in case of a shootout but having a friendly attitude.
  • 6
    You know you will run out of supplies/food soon. What are your plans?
    Try to contact the military or anyone for rescue while you rationalize your food/supplies.
    Time to go hunting and live off the land
    Stay put and realize it's your time to go.
    Be on the constant move and look for what you need town to town
  • 7
    You come up to a few zombies and for some reason the only pathway to go is the pathway that they are blocking. However there are hordes of zombies not so far in the distance. How do you go about?
    You wait it out until they leave.
    You fire your weapon into the group of zombies on the pathway
    You kill the zombies in the pathway with knives and objects
    You make a run for it hoping to dodge them
  • 8
    Which gun would you have for survival or in case you need to defend yourself in an all out assault or defense?
    Bolt Action Rifle
  • 9
    You know there's a possibility you might end up in the woods or out in the middle of nowhere. Which place will you go get your needs if you're limited on time?
    Grocery store
    Home Improvement store
    Military surplus(trauma kits/MREs/survival gear/)
  • 10
    You are under attack by swarms of zombie from every direction. You're low on ammo or have no gun. What is your plan?
    Choose your targets carefully with a gun or object and try to carve a pathway out of there.
    Shoot yourself
    Take out as many zombies as you can before you die

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Not telling ( 7.180 )
Posted 97 days ago
My results:

The Best Zombie Survival Test

You are a Survivor! You have good knowledge and can hold your own. You may make wrong decisions from time to time but you never give up and you learn from your mistakes. The zombie apocalypse will be hard on you but you will come out of it stronger than before.
Anonymous123 ( 2.103 )
Posted 182 days ago
Certificate: Test results

The Best Zombie Survival Test

You are truly a Warrior! You have great strategy and tactics! You are not careless and always have a plan to make the best possible outcome of any situation. You are cautious but firm. You will find a way! You will plow through the zombie apocalypse even when it's chaotic!
sam ( 6.115 )
Posted 292 days ago
i'm a survivor!!!!!!!!