Holy Trivia, Batman!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Daniel Johnston - Developed on: - 5.395 taken

This is a short, fun Batman quiz that asks some questions that seem to have obvious answers... But do they? Let's see how well you know Batman!

  • 1
    Why does Batman dress like a bat?
    He's trying to scare criminals
    He's a vampire
    His parents were killed by bats
    He's afraid of bats
  • 2
    Where does he get those wonderful 'toys?' (Gadgets)
    He 'borrows' them from Wayne Enterprise
    Santa Claus
    He designs and creates them in the Batcave
    He discovers them during his training
  • 3
    Ra's Al Ghul is one of Batman's most formidable foes. But what does his name mean in English?
    The Angel's Eye
    The Serpent's Tongue
    The Mountain's Peak
    The Demon's Head
  • 4
    Why does Batman wear a bat on his chest?
    It's a reminder of his sworn oath to justice
    It's based on an ink blot that hung in his father's study
    It keeps him safe when he's jogging at night
    It gives his enemies an armored target
  • 5
    After Bane paralyzed Batman in the comics, how did he get back into fighting shape?
    He built a mechanized Bat-suit
    He asked one of his enemies, Lady Shiva, to hunt him
    He hung from a rope
    He trained for months against robots in the Batcave
  • 6
    Besides Bruce Wayne, who else has NOT been Batman?
    Jean-Paul Valley
    Terry McGinnis
    Dick Grayson
    Thomas Blake
  • 7
    What's up with the white eyes?
    They're spooky
    They're night-vision lenses
    They're all the reasons mentioned
    They're a superhero thing
  • 8
    While he had no super-powers, what is Batman's greatest tool?
    His mind
    His money
    His might
    His mettle
  • 9
    How many people have fought alongside Bruce Wayne as Robin?
  • 10
    What three trophies are usually depicted in the Batcave?
    T-Rex, Joker card, giant penny
    Cat idol, painting of parents, stuffed shark
    Nora Fries, city of Kandor, OMAC
    Giant bomb, Sword of Omens, samurai armor

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