Prove Your A Brony Fan!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Hazel Prudente - Developed on: - 5.733 taken

Prove your ability of being a true brony/pegasister, this quiz will be having to call out to background ponies, four-ground ponies, and places all-out Equestria!

  • 1
    What was PonyVille's name supposed to be before the show was announced?
    San Fransiscolt
    Las Pegasis
  • 2
    Which background pony loves to research about a species called "Hue-Mans"?
    Lyra Heartstring
  • 3
    What is Pinkie Pie's so-called dark-sided name? Or, for no nightmares, real name?
    Pinky Pie
    Pinkie Rock
    Pinkemana Diana Pi.
    Pinkie Maud
    Pinkamena Diane Pie
  • 4
    What is California's ponified title?
  • 5
    What is the most least shipping?(Or in other words, not really heard of)
    BraeBurn x Little StrongHeart
    BigMac x Cheerilee
    Babs Seed x PipSqueak
    PinkiePie x PokeyPeirce
    AppleJack x Caramel (they are not cousins bruh XD)
  • 6
    What is the most heard reference show in MLPFiM?
    Star Trek
    Music Bands
    Doctor Who
    The Simpsons
  • 7
    How can you earn your cutie mark?
    Paste a sticker
    Finding your true destiny and talent.
    By doing random acts 'till they succeed
    Sit and do challenges
    Copy ponies talents by doing exactly what they do
  • 8
    What episode is about Rarity going to a fashion-line show and completely gave the work to her friends and realizes what she had done?
    Owls Well, That Ends Well
    Maud Pie
    It Ain't Easy Being Breezy
    The Grand Gala
    Rarity Takes ManeHatten
  • 9
    What is MLPFiM's name for the grey pegasi pony with lemon colored mane?(Not from the fandom)
    Muffin Heart
    Ditzy Doo
    Lady BlueEyes
    Grey Mare
    Derpy Hooves
  • 10
    What is Twilight's most known quote back from season 1-3?
    "Spike, Take a letter!"
    "Oh for the love of-"
    "Clock. Is . Ticking!"
    "I'm tardy!"

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