Make Your Ovaltine Boil Golden Girls Quiz

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The Even More Ultimate Golden Girl Quiz has been edited and updated with a few more questions to heighten the thrill. I love developing questions about this show and I hope you enjoy answering them! Have fun!

  • 1
    In The Case of the Libertine Belle, what was the name of the detective who investigated the dinner show's murder mystery? Hint: his name came from Dorothy's favorite characters.
    Raymond Chandler
    Tom Phillip
    Tom Marlowe
    Spade Marlowe
  • 2
    What was the address of the home used to film the front of the house for the first few years?
    245 North Saltair Ave Los Angeles, CA
    250 Residential Street Hollywood, CA
    245 South Saltair Dr Miami, FL
    460 Golden Brook Dr Miami, FL
  • 3
    What is the name of George's brother?
  • 4
    What was the color of the wall phone in the kitchen?
  • 5
    What was the calling Sophia pursued after her good friend Sister Agnes died in the episode How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia?
    Follower of the pope
    Crucifix maker
  • 6
    What print was shown on the girl's mugs?
    Fruit mixture
    Fall leaves
  • 7
    What was Rebecca's daughter's name?
  • 8
    The girls cooked a lot using ______ pots and pans. Which of the colors listed below is correct?
    Cast Iron
  • 9
    What was the name of the retirement home Sophia's friend Lillian was receiving the poorest of care?
    Miami Care Center
    Shady Pastures
    Sunny Pastures
    Miami Pastures
  • 10
    How long did Sophia say a pinch from an Italian lasted? Rose and Sophia were making the sauce for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins.
    30 seconds
    5 minutes
    2 minutes
    10 minutes
  • 11
    What was the car Blanche rented and posted an ad in the paper saying she was selling it?
  • 12
    What were the 2 books Dorothy wanted Stan's cousin, Magda, to read while she stayed in Miami?
    Common Sense and Vanna White's Autobiography
    Vixin Story of a Woman and A Tale of Two Cities
    Federalist Papers and War and Peace
    The Prince and Madonna's Autobiography
  • 13
    What was the Korean name Rose went by at the high school reunion party the girls crashed?
    Dim Lang Toy
    Nguyen Kim
    Ping La Noy
    Kim Fung Toy
  • 14
    Dorothy saw a carving on the fireplace mantle at Grandview, Blanche's grandmother's house, what was it?
    The letters BEH
    The words Blast Here
    The date 12/9/34
    The letters BH
  • 15
    During Blanche's moonlight madness party, what did Miles and Dorothy do that was tragic?
    They tricked Derrick into leaving the party early
    They kissed
    They went streaking
    They stole jewelry from Blanche
  • 16
    Sophia told Fidel Santiago that her husband was a fan of Santiago Cigar boxes. What did he keep in the boxes?
    His betting slips
    Nothing, he just liked the boxes
    All of their fine cutlery
    He would hide canolis
  • 17
    In Stand By Your Man, Blanche wanted Mr. Ted Tanner to take her back home to _______ with him and show her the ____ and the ___.
    Washington; White House and red apples
    Philadelphia; liberty bell and cream cheese
    New York; Times Square and Ellis island
    Philadelphia; liberty bell and other condominium
  • 18
    Rose never graduated high school from St. Olaf because...
    She was sick for 6 months with mono
    She had a plowing accident that kept her in bed for 6 months
    She flunked her senior year
    She went to work on the farm

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