Who are you in my tale? (Girls)

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10 Questions - Developed by: LadyBlackhart - Developed on: - 3.167 taken

In my fantasy filled world there are many characters, but which are you!

(Boys will be next)

  • 1
    The night is cold and you have limited supplies, what item do you use?
    Your own body, wrapped up tight in a ball!
    A thin blanket, it isn't much but it is better than nothing.
    Nothing, you can handle the cold!
    A fire crystal, it looks cracked but you really need the warmth.
    You choose to get up and move, you can't sleep anyways.
  • 2
    You are given a hard decision! Save a family or a noble man from raiders, who do you save?
    The Noble, it is your duty to serve the royal line!
    Both, you will try even if it kills you!
    The family, you can cast a protection spell around them!
    No one, you aren't strong enough!
    Neither, you don't care for any of them!
  • 3
    You're sitting down for a meal, what do you eat?
    Deer, freshly killed and roasting on a spit!
    A fine light meal, like a salad with lightly grilled fish!
    Meats, anything high in protein and iron to keep you going!
    Whatever, easy to find or gather you don't eat often.
    Soup, something warm and easy to make!
  • 4
    You get approached by a thug who demands you handover all your goods, what do you do?
    Warn him to leave but if he persists defend yourself.
    Quickly toss some poppy dust and knock the would be thief out.
    Tell him to try and take your stuff and then kill him when he does
    Hand it over you can't fight him!
    Beat him down then take him to the nearest guard to face judgement.
  • 5
    What type of outfit would you wear?
    A simple outfit, whatever you can find hopefully some light armor.
    Nice pretty dress, long and elegant yet simple.
    Light yet strong armor, something to defend the body but not constrict it.
    A light robe, easy to move in.
    Sturdy armor, thick and strong.
  • 6
    What weapon do you use?
    Weapon? You prefer non violent things.
    A good sword and shield.
    A blade or two, just to defend yourself.
    Your staff, it's all you need.
    A bow and arrow maybe a dagger in case.
  • 7
    Are you a leader or a follower?
    You won't be leading anyone any time soon!
    You follow your orders to a T.
    You follow but will give opinions.
    You don't take crap, you do what you want.
    You take the lead if necessary but prefer to stay in the shadow.
  • 8
    QUICK! There is a beast before you!
    Run and scream for help!
    Stand your ground and wait for the beast to move first.
    It looks tasty, you found your meal for the night!
    Stick to evasive moves and strike only when clear, mean while think of a way to fix the problem.
    Use an invisibility rod to sneak away.
  • 9
    Which do you prefer?
    The battlefield to fight and show your valor.
    A lab to test your new potions.
    The woods, quiet and peaceful away from pesky people.
    The open road, you'd rather not sit still for too long.
    A nice garden perfect for tea.
  • 10
    Final question! Choose one word!

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