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A quiz to test your' fan knowledge on The Vampire Diaries seasons 1-4

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    Who is Elena and Jeremy's first guardian after her parents died?
    Who is Elena and Jeremy's first guardian after her parents died?
    Damon Salvatore
    Jenna Sommers
    Carol Lockwood
    Stefan Salvatore
    Bonnie Bennett

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Diyanah ( 6.236 )
Posted 93 days ago
Stefan has two dopplegangers Tom and Silas
Ellie ( .9.69 )
Posted 105 days ago
WHAT!!! No one called Stefan stefy
Bands ( 04.28 )
Posted 158 days ago
firstly they all hunt down Katrina Patrova
The Ripper is Stefans nickname for Klaus and when his humanity is turned off
lastly stefan has 2 doppelganger- Tom and Silas
Joelle ( 4.234 )
Posted 249 days ago
Actually Stefan has two Dopplegangers: Tom and Silas
And everyone Hunted down Katherine even Klaus and he wasn't on there... Everyone wanted Katherine Dead so they hunted her...
Even Elena her own Doppleganger.. So plz Change your quiz!
Gillian ( 00.11 )
Posted 260 days ago
I am an avid fan of the show and I should have got 100%. According to you, one of my answers was wrong but I can assure you that Stefan's nickname is certainly NOT Stefy!!! It is The Ripper - To be more exact it is actually The Ripper of Monteray!!!
tg ( 6.131 )
Posted 272 days ago
d.f ( 5.147 )
Posted 276 days ago
1.Stefan has 2 doppelgängers:TOM + SILAS
2.Stefan nickname was RIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you said i had these two mistaken!?i hadnt!!!
Josephine ( 5.135 )
Posted 293 days ago
Stefan has 2 doppelgangers: Silas and Tom Avery
Angelina ( 0.245 )
Posted 313 days ago
Stefan's nickname is definitely The Ripper get it right
Mia ( 01.90 )
Posted 315 days ago
A. There ARE INDEED 2 Doppelgangers: Tom and Stefan!
B. Damon and Silas both hunted Katherine down because after Damon found out Katherine was indeed not in the tomb he went off to see where she was and hunted her down. Klaus could also be an aswe so please fix your test (:
.h.k.z. ( 6.209 )
Posted 316 days ago
"A quiz to test your' fan knowledge on The Vampire Diaries SEASONS 1-4"
.h.k.z. ( 6.209 )
Posted 316 days ago
yes i know that Stefan has 2 doppelgangers
but from season 1 - 4 you JUST know that he has 1 doppelganger and in season 5 you find out he has a second doppelganger (Tom the doctor)
j.l.c ( 98.31 )
Posted 318 days ago
Actually Stefan has 2 doppelgangers Silas and A Doctor named Tib ir something
.h.k.z. ( 7.144 )
Posted 321 days ago
your right, but from season 1 to 4 you only know that stefan has one doppelganger (silas)
.... ( 3.133 )
Posted 324 days ago
You messed up on one of your questions stephen has 2 dopplegagers Silas and Tom!!!!!!!